About the EMBA Curriculum

The Executive MBA curriculum integrates the best ideas from business worldwide with the specific needs and priorities for Southeastern Europe. Three themes are the foundation of all courses: entrepreneurship, business ethics, and leadership. The Executive MBA curriculum is designed to develop:

  • Professionals who understand their organizations and their businesses;
  • Managers who blend applied business theory with original ideas;
  • Leaders for a successful management team for any area of business;   
  • Problem solvers with a strategic focus;
  • Socially responsible managers.

Each cohort of students starts in January with an orientation that sets the stage for the program. The orientation introduces participants to the curriculum, academic policies, the facilities and resources of the Elieff Center, and to their faculty and fellow students and is followed by 5 days of classes. The remaining classes are on weekends, which allows participants to continue their careers without interruption.

Course Schedule:

Term 1 (January – April)

Business and Society (3 credits)
Essential Business Skills:
   Business Communication (1 credit)
   Business Research Methods (1 credit)
   Public Speaking and Presentation Skills (1 credit)
Managerial Economics (3 credits)
Financial Accounting (3 credits)

Term 2 (May-August)

Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
Managerial Accounting (3 credits)
Marketing Management (3 credits)
Organizational Design and Management (3 credits)

Term 3 (September – December)

Corporate Finance (3 credits)
Human Resource Management (3 credits)
International Business (3 credits)
Social Entrepreneurship (3 credits)

Term 4 (January – April)

Business Strategy (3 credits)
Operations Management (3 credits)
Leadership (3 credits)
Social Entrepreneurship Project (1 credit)

In addition to the classroom experience, business leaders, diplomats and government officials are regular speakers and share their views on such timely topics as Leadership, Globalization, Change Management, Corporate Governance, and EU Integration.

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