The goal here is to empower young people to navigate the current civic landscape, take initiative, understand their rights and responsibilities, and drive change. Recognizing the urgent need to equip students with the essential skills to do that successfully, CIDC has leveraged AUBG’s academic prowess to deliver unique teaching modules.

The CIDC-designed courses focus on developing critical thinking and analysis skills, which are not commonly taught in grade schools across the region. The courses provide students with digital, critical thinking, information literacy, and practical communication skills.

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Past Events

    • Lecturer: Elton Skendaj
    • Participants: 18 AUBG students
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    The specter of political polarization is haunting both old and new democracies, causing divisions among the public and a reduction in shared common ground. What accounts for this polarization, and how does it affect democratic processes and citizen engagement? Furthermore, what steps can individuals and societies take to mitigate polarization and bridge significant divides?

    This course aims to equip students with facilitation skills that enhance group communication, focusing on addressing the phenomenon known as "toxic polarization" by political scientists. Throughout the course, we will explore interpersonal tools for countering polarization, including dialogue circles, nonviolent communication techniques, and methods inspired by the theatre of the oppressed.

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    During this event, attendees had the chance to listen to a panel of students, faculty, and civil society representatives in Bulgaria who explained the importance of participating in the voting process and the significance of the vote of the first time voters. There was a demonstration on how to use the voting machines for those who were interested.

    • International Trainer: Milan Jovanović
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    The Center for Information, Democracy, and Citizenship (CIDC) at AUBG, in collaboration with the Atlantic Council of Montenegro's Digital Forensic Center (DFC), organized a workshop titled "Investigating Disinformation and Foreign-Sponsored Propaganda: A Case Study of Montenegro." The workshop aimed to discuss various aspects of disinformation and foreign information influence activities that were potentially harmful to society, with a particular focus on the influence of actors like Russia and China on public discourse in Montenegro. The event also provided students with insights into the DFC's practices in utilizing open-source intelligence tools to track, expose, and counter online disinformation, especially on social media platforms. A special guest at the event was Milan Jovanović, a Senior researcher at the DFC.

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    At the event, we shared best practices and lessons learned in countering disinformation and information influence activities. Representatives from the media, civil society sector, academia, the public and private sectors convened for an open conversation with practitioners and disinformation experts from Europe and the US. We discussed how the Baltics became leaders in countering disinformation and how the Balkans gained insights into the complexities of malign influence. We also emphasized the need to view disinformation as more than just a tactic but as a strategic information influence operation.

    The workshop was initiated by the American University in Bulgaria's newly founded Center for Information, Democracy, and Citizenship, in partnership with Fulbright Bulgaria and the America for Bulgaria Foundation.

    • Guest speaker: Dr. Elton Skendaj ('00)
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    The Center for Information, Democracy, and Citizenship, in collaboration with the Political Science Club and the Department of Politics and European Studies, invited the audience to a public lecture by AUBG alumnus and Director of the MA in Democracy and Governance at Georgetown University, Dr. Elton Skendaj. During the lecture, Dr. Skendaj spoke about the rule of law and corruption, which were identified as major threats to democracies in the Western Balkans.

    • Elena Radeva: Moderator
    • Mina Dimitrova: Director of EMEA Central Go-To-Market at Google
    • Svetla Baeva (’08): Campaigns Director at Fina Acts
    • Dina Jebali (EMBA ’23: Director Managed Services at Yettel Bulgaria
    • Valentina Milanova: Founder & CEO at Daye
    More about the event:

    The event focused on sharing the insights and wisdom gained from the respective of four women leaders, offering valuable knowledge and advice to AUBG students, alumni, and friends. The organizers, CIDC at AUBG and the Development Office, selected the venue of AUBG's Executive MBA program, a source of inspiration for leaders over the last two decades. With support from the AUBG Alumni Association and a generous donation from former AUBG President and aspiring female leader Julia Watkins, the event gathered alumni from various graduating classes. They engaged in networking discussions to explore the concept of equity and its attainability.