Donation Challenge

This year AUBG marks a significant milestone - its 25th anniversary

We are celebrating 25 years of academic excellence, ethical leadership, cultural diversity and individuals that continue to transform and benefit our society.
Happy anniversary and thank you for your vital contribution to our history!
We are proud of AUBG’s inspiring story and looking forward to the bright future ahead. Thus, we will mark the 25th Anniversary with the special “AUBG $25 Donation Challenge” fundraising campaign. The “AUBG $25 Donation Challenge” is an opportunity to share fond university memories, reunite with old friends, and give back to the community.

How to get involved: 
1. Make a donation to AUBG at our secure Donation page.
2. Call out a challenge to three other alumni, faculty or staff members to donate by tagging their names in the “AUBG $25 Donation Challenge” Facebook page.

For the past 25 years, we at AUBG have built a network of friendship, appreciation and solidarity. Let’s continue the tradition!

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