Keynote Speaker

Severino Meregalli

Severino Meregalli
SDA Bocconi Professor of Information Systems

Severino Meregalli is a Professor of Information Systems at SDA Bocconi School of Management.

At SDA Bocconi, he was Responsible for the Information Systems Unit (2007-2012). At present, he is the Scientific Director of the DEVO Lab and Director of the MDA Academy. He has conducted research and training projects for important multinational companies. 

His research activities focus on IS governance, ERP, monetary measures of IS (cost and value), digital transformation and digital impact. He is working on deepening different issues such as information systems, the distribution and pathways of adoption of IS governance tools in companies, and the impact of digital technologies on companies within DEVO Lab. 

Severino holds a degree from Bocconi University.

Find out more about him on the SDA Bocconi website.

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