Introduction to Bulgarian Language and Culture II

MLL 1036

This course offers a contemporary, interactive, intensive, and effective introduction at the elementary level to the Bulgarian language and various aspects of the Bulgarian culture. It aims to foster the acquisition of the Bulgarian language through increased immersion; it helps students master the vocabulary needed to accomplish simple and routine tasks, and build more comprehensive grammatical structures necessary to communicate issues of immediate relevance. It encourages students to improve their understanding, speaking, and writing skills further. Also, this course enhances the understanding, appreciation, and interpretation of Bulgarian cultural practices, products, and perspectives and encourages students to apply principles of intercultural communication in their interactions in Bulgarian. MLL 136 is the entry-level course for speakers of Russian, Belarusian, or Ukrainian; these students will need a signed permission slip from the instructor to register. This course is not open to students who speak Macedonian, Montenegrin, or Serbian.

Credits: 3 Cr.