Corporate Sponsorship Program

Corporate Sponsorship Program

Corporate sponsorship is a form of partnership which facilitates the liaison between employers and university students. It allows companies to attract top talent at an early recruitment level, build on corporate social responsibility and establish positive recognition. Students benefit by acquiring additional funding, future career opportunities and real-life professional skills, essential to the nature of today’s dynamic business environment.

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AUBG delivers the following support in terms of establishing corporate sponsorships: 

  • Acts as a liaison between university students and sponsoring companies; 
  • Provides a dedicated point of contact for corporate sponsors to communicate in regard to student sponsorship issues; 
  • Facilitates access to services across the university for corporate sponsorship purposes; 
  • Assists sponsorship recipients to understand sponsor regulations and obligations.

Value for Employees

1. Top Talent Acquisition

AUBG attracts and educates young people with outstanding potential, who are leaders in their communities. Students are taught not only professional expertise but are also trained in a variety of soft skills of high business value. Taking initiative, planning and executing projects, teamwork and effective communication are among the key aspects of an AUBG-acquired education. In addition, we strive to raise future leaders who abide by the highest of moral standards and ethical values. Corporate sponsorship opportunities provide companies with access to a pool of top talent which can be targeted according to the company’s specific interests and preferences.

2. Positive Recognition and Employer Branding 

Corporate sponsorship builds on CSR practices and presents companies with valuable employer recognition and branding opportunities. It is a major way of establishing positive impression among potential employees, business partners and the general public.

3. High Impact 

Corporate sponsorship is a means to evolve university communities and establish an environment of progress, innovation and authentic business value. By supporting outstanding talent, it harnesses responsibility and strategic vision to change lives and enrich societies. Corporate Sponsorship uses shared commitment and meaning to engage companies and communities in the forging of long-term, profound relationships.

Student Benefits

Corporate sponsorship at AUBG provides students with the chance to meet some of the most recognized employers, both locally and globally, who are willing to support their education and help them gain career momentum.

1. Funding Opportunities 

Corporate sponsorship is a great way for students to fund their education while gaining practical knowledge and being able to give back. It offers substantial financial relief and affords the comfort to progress academic talent by encouraging creativity, determination and hard work.

2. Advanced Career Prospects 

Along with providing financial support, corporate sponsorship is a great way to jumpstart a future career. It gives students the opportunity to perform to the best of their abilities in a genuine business environment, where they have the chance to demonstrate and build on already-developed skills and expertise while acquiring new ones.

3. Professional Development & Learning Experience 

Sponsorship programs allow for the placement of students within some of the most recognized companies. These are employers who nurture an environment of professional excellence and exceptional talent, thus facilitating learning experience and expert growth. Students have the ability to gain quickly new skills and experiences, developing into full-fledged professionals at an early stage of life.

4. Stability 

Engaging in a sponsorship program which offers an employment opportunity upon graduation provides stability and an excellent stepping stone for the development of a consistent, long-term career plan. Graduating with a secured job placement is one of the most constructive ways to start the life of a young professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do corporate sponsors and AUBG students get introduced?

There are several ways in which companies and students can get introduced to each other: 

  • Students research proactively for corporate sponsors in their communities;
  • Employers pursue top talent by means of CSR or related programs;
  • Companies initiate AUBG-led database search according to specified criteria by contacting the AUBG Career Center or Development Office. 

2. How does AUBG facilitate the establishment of relationships between corporate sponsors and student/s? 

AUBG enables the establishment of corporate sponsorships by advertising employer-initiated sponsorship opportunities to students, organizing the application process and submitting the applications for employer review. The university can also provide meeting space upon request. The choice of sponsorship recipients is carried out by companies alone. 

3. Does corporate sponsorship involve any tax implications for students? 

No – corporate sponsorships are not considered personal income for students, therefore there are no tax implications for students receiving it. 

4. What are the tax implications for corporate sponsors? 

Corporate sponsors can actually benefit from a tax relief for the entire amount of the sponsorship if ALL of the following conditions are met: 

  • The sponsored student is studying at a school in an EU member state;
  • The sponsorship is provided for a period between 12 to 24 months;
  • The student is in the last two years of his/her education; 
  • The student is under 25 years of age;
  • The student’s field of study is applicable to the company’s activities;
  • The company has signed a contract with the student providing that it will employ the sponsorship recipient after his/her graduation, for a period not less than the period of the sponsorship itself. The above conditions are applicable when a company provides sponsorship directly to the student. 

5. How can companies track the academic progress of scholarship recipients?

Sponsoring companies may ask sponsorship recipients to provide them directly with track records of academic progress. AUBG allows the option that students file a request for sending academic records to third parties.

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