Welcome, Dear Guests,

If you are in need of a room for a conference, seminar, cocktail, or any other type of event, AUBG offers a variety of suitable and convenient options that will satisfy any of your needs. 

Green Pass Campus

The American University in Bulgaria is committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone on campus. This is why we have introduced the GreenPass campus in Spring ‘22, which means that you will need to have a Green Pass to enter the campus premises. The Green Pass system is currently the only possible way to safely host and conduct on-ground events given the severity of the pandemic situation in the country and the current COVID-19-related government orders. Read more here.

The following policies will also be implemented to minimize the potential health risks in the emergency state of COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Information tables will be allowed with maximum 2 guests (masks/shields and disinfectant are mandatory inside)
  • Approval for events will be granted on a case-by-case basis based on the health and safety protocol for the event, submitted by the organizers under these conditions:

- Use of AUBG facilities at 50% capacity;
- Social distancing;
- Masks mandatory inside;

  • All guests must complete a “DECLARATION OF INFORMED CONSENT AND SHARED RESPONSIBILITY” prior to their event.

Please have a look at the different venues that are available at our campus:

Conference/Seminar Rooms and Equipment

The Skaptopara campus is a one-of-a-kind residential campus in the tradition of the typical American liberal arts colleges. The unique atmosphere is further enhanced by its modern facilities.

Balkanski Academic Center (BAC)

The Balkanski Academic Center (BAC) is part of the Skaptopara Campus, where the AUBG Residence Halls and Panitza Library are located. The BAC has classrooms and computer labs suitable for training of small groups, while the Andrey Delchev Auditorium seats 150 people.

Andrey Delchev Auditorium:  suitable for conferences, symposia, presentations and lectures. This theater-style conference room has 150 seats, a large screen and state-of-the-art presentation and sound equipment. Classrooms and computer labs in the same building can be used for parallel or break out sessions.  

America for Bulgaria Student Center (ABF Student Center)

America for Bulgaria Student Center is the jewel in the crown of our contemporary campus. The spacious, generously sunlit, multi-functional center was built in 2013 with the financial help of the America for Bulgaria Foundation. It hosts our state-of-the-art theater, sports and dining halls, and the Student Services office. Other popular facilities inside the center are the workout gym, the bookstore, a trendy coffee shop and lots of chill out areas with WI-Fi access.

Conference room 6306: Located on the top floor of ABF Student Center, this hall is suitable for workshops, seminars, trainings and conferences of up to 50 - 55 people. It is equipped with state of the art presentation and sound equipment. 

Conference room 6307 (Postbank room): Located on the top floor of ABF Student Center, this bright and cozy room is suitable for workshops, seminars, and training programs of up to 20 people. Cocktail receptions,  buffet and served meals for smaller groups are also hosted here. Conveniently located on the same floor with room 6306, both rooms are suitable for seminars and workshops with tight schedules.

Aspire Hub: Located on the ground floor of ABF Student Center right next to AUBG`s Bookstore and Cafe with a capacity of up to 20 - 25 people Aspire quickly turned out to be an effective spot for guest lectures, events, workshops, group projects and training sessions due to its comfortable location and state of the art presentation and sound equipment.

Theater Hall: Our theater hall is located inside the ABF Student Center. This elegant amphitheater hall can seat 342 guests and the acoustics are unbelievable. It is fully equipped to operate as both an acting and a movie theater. It can also host lectures, concerts and other exciting events on campus. This is where the premiere of AUBG's annual musical takes place.

Sports Hall: This outstanding venue is fully equipped for a variety of sports - soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis and handball. Its uniqueness is further enhanced by the one-of-a-kind running track which circles around the gym on the second floor. The hall hosts events such as career expos, receptions and is occasionally used by professional athletes such as the Bulgarian Male National Volleyball team – one of the best in the world!

Main Building

AUBG`s Main Building  is situated in the city center, in close proximity to the administrative, business, and cultural facilities, as well as to the biggest shopping area, numerous cozy restaurants and cafes. The building houses administrative offices and classrooms and brings AUBGers to downtown Blagoevgrad.

Audio-Visual Equipment

AV equipment at disposal to conference organizers include:

  • Overhead and Multimedia projectors;
  • CD, DVD and video players;
  • Flipchart stands with notepads;
  • Sound equipment;
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