Computing @ AUBG

The Office of Communications and Computing (OCC) is in charge of the computer and communications environment of the University. AUBG has more than 750 computers interconnected by means of a local area network. The network is twisted-pair Ethernet with speed of 1 Gb/sec inside the fiber-optic backbone.The speed of backbone is 10 Gb/sec.  Windows 7/2008/2012 R2 are the operating systems at the University. The Internet access is via terrestrial link. The speed of internet connection is 800Mbps (400 Mbps international link and 400 Mbps national link). The network is behind an enterprise firewall server and the main servers are Windows 2008/2012 R2 Server.

Students have access to the system and their mailboxes in the computer labs in the main building, as well as in the Residence halls. All faculty and most of the staff have personal computers. The operating system is Windows 7/2008/2012 R2 and the most used applications include Microsoft Office, MS Outlook, most popular browsers, and other Internet applications. All e-mail boxes are available outside the University through MS Outlook Web Access or Outlook Anywhere.

Another parameter for measuring computerization is the mere performance of AUBG computers themselves. Through regular upgrades of the hardware and software, replacement of old computers and adding new services, the total computer power of the University constantly increases.

A team of computer experts (Office of Communications and Computing - OCC) administers the academic, student and administrative computer network systems, coordinates the Internet, provides technical support of the computer labs, arranges IT products presentations and courses. The OCC team members help students, faculty and staff with computer problems, Internet, e-mail services and new software installations. The office provides students with instructions and rules concerning the student computer network system and the work in the computing labs. OCC helps in training and supervision of the AUBG WEB team, and also maintains the "Computing at AUBG" section on AUBG Web site, to which computer users can refer to find instructions on hardware and software usage, in addition to information on the system, policy and procedures, and services, or about new IT installations and software. 

The office maintains a help desk for users who experience problems with their computers. The email address is or they can be reached at ext.# 300.

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