Computer Laboratories

This webpage was last revised on September 10, 2021.

AUBG student computer system is an integral part of the University system. It is intended to meet the student needs for computer communications and services. All computers for students in the labs are connected in a computer network providing also access to Internet. 

Depending on the installed software packages and the type of access, there are three types of computer labs in the AUBG:

  • General purpose computer labs are those labs where general usage software is installed. All AUBG students may use them on a “first come - first served” basis.
  • Dedicated computer labs. Software packages for the various majors

    are installed there. Access to them is not limited in any way, but good will and mutual understanding between students from the various majors is expected.

  • Special computer labs. These labs are intended to meet special needs

    of specific courses taught at AUBG. Only students taking such courses are granted access there.

Advanced Multimedia Laboratory  MB 119 General computer lab  6
Business Lab MB 121 General computer lab 9
Center for education in Business Management and Logistics MB 14 Dedicated computer lab 18
Computer Labs in Skaptopara 1  Scapto 1 1026 General computer lab 9
Computer Labs in Skaptopara 2 Scapto 2 2122 General computer lab 10
Computer Labs in Skaptopara 3 Scapto 3 3000 General computer lab 9
COS  Lab BAC 204 Dedicated computer lab 16
Economics Lab BAC 201 Dedicated computer lab 12
Information systems  MB 02 Dedicated computer lab 13
MAC Lab 1 BAC 101 Special computer lab 12
MAC Lab 2 BAC 103 Special computer lab 12
Registers  ABF
General computer lab 6
Scientific  Lab Scapto 2 4 Special computer lab 4
Sound Studio Scapto 2 2057 Special computer lab 1
Specialized Software Lab MB 116 Special computer lab 10
Writing center  ABF 241A General computer lab 4

Note: The Office of Computing and Communications
reserves the right to change the configuration and accessibility options of available operating systems, as well as the login procedures in the computer laboratories, consistent with current needs and possibilities.

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