Senior Class Meeting and Graduation Rehearsal

Senior Class Meeting and Graduation Rehearsal

December graduates are advised to save these dates and make the necessary arrangements to attend both events.

Wednesday, APRIL 22, 2022
7:15 p.m.
Andrey Delchev Auditorium, BAC

At the meeting, some commencement procedures will be clarified:

  • Gown pick-up—how the student robing will operate—gown return
  • Putting on the cap and gown demo—what to wear on commencement day
  • Student Marshal function and instructions—tassel turning cue Commencement—description of inside/outside plans
  • Senior picture procedure
  • Housing for parents
  • Commencement Welcome Center details

 … and some announcements will be made, regarding:

  • Senior Ball
  • Senior Gift
  • Year Book

 5:00 p.m.

Skaptopara I Residence Hall Backyard

The agenda of the rehearsal is a walk through the Commencement Ceremony in both outside and inside plans. Some items for the rehearsal are the following:

  • Student Marshal function and instructions—mace cues
  • Line of March—stay in line to get your own diploma
  • Procession—in single file
  • Diploma giving—by rows, show/hand name card, smile for the individual picture
  • Tassel turning 
  • Recession

It is very important that you come to the Rehearsal, so that you will know what you are supposed to do at the Commencement Ceremony on Sunday. We will start at 4:00 p.m., so please be on time!

If you have any questions, please contact the AUBG Conferences and Events Office. 

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