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Student Commencement Committee

A Student Commencement Committee (SCC) is initiated each Fall. The Student Government approves the chair of the Student Commencement Committee. The chair of SCC is the student representative to the University Commencement Committee (CC). The major responsibilities of the Student Commencement Committee are to:

  • Organize the Senior Ball
  • Decide on a Senior Class Gift to AUBG
  • Design and print the Senior Class Yearbook
  • Come up with proposals for commencement weekend events

Senior Ball, Friday, May 15, 2020
Further details to be announced.

Senior Gift
An annual contribution to the American University in Bulgaria and its community by graduating classes, the senior gift is a sign of dedication and gratitude. The senior class will decide what their senior gift will be. You may contact the Student Commencement Committee for any details.

Senior Gifts
Senior Bank Payment Form
Bank information is available at:

Senior Tree
The Class of 2008 started the tradition of planting a senior tree on campus to avoid the Global Warming. Each class decides what tree to plant and what message to the next generations to send. The tree planted so far are:

  • Class of 2008 planted a magnolia with the message: “The true meaning of life is to plant at least one tree. Now it is your turn.”
  • Class of 2009 planted a linden tree with the message: "May this Linden Tree bring you hope and joy!”
  • Class of 2010 planted an Arizona Cyprus with the message: "Believe that you can change the world."
  • Class of 2011 planted a Sycamore Maple Tree with the message: "Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come." (Chinese proverb)
  • Class of 2012 planted a Chinese Bubble Tree with the message: "He Who Plants a Tree, Plants a Hope."
  • Class of 2013 planted an Oak with the message: "Are you green and growing or ripe and rotting?" (Ray Kroc)
  • Class of 2014 planted a Yoshino Cherry Tree with the message: "To Teach is to Learn"

Student Commencement Speaker
The senior speaker is a traditional figure at commencement and he/she delivers the address of the graduating class to all participants in the event. Therefore, the senior speaker is a representative of the entire graduating class and should present the best outcome of four years of training in a liberal arts curriculum. Every year the election of the senior speaker is the prerogative of the graduating class in conjunction with the Senior Speaker Selection Procedure and the Senior Speaker Selection Guidelines , which is to be approved by the University Commencement Committee on an annual basis.  

Student Commencement Speakers

Year Book
The Student Commencement Committee will contact you regarding providing photo(s) and information to be included in the Year Book. Do not miss to contact them at and send picture(s), valid e-mail, etc. if you would like to be included in the Class of 2020 Year Book.

For more details or if you have any questions, please contact either the AUBG Student Commencement Committee or the AUBG Conferences & Events Office.

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