Choir History

Brief History of the Mixed Choir of the American University in Bulgaria

In April 2012 AUBG Choir took part in an international project – joint concerts with “Viva voce” choir, Munich (GERMANY). The concerts were held in Augsburg and Munich. The culmination of both of them was World premiere of “Pater noster”, especially composed piece from significant Russian composer Anatolii Kiselev. The piece was directed by composer.

In October 2013 AUBG Choir took very successfully part in 9th International choir competition “Varsovia Cantat” held in Warsaw (POLAND). It won Laureate degree and III place in “Adult Mixed Choirs” category, and the “Special Prize” for best performance of song composed by Polish contemporary composer. The prize was judged for performance of Romuald Twardowski’s piece “Virginum Custos”. Romuald Twardowski bestowed the Diploma personally to AUBG Choir.

Apart from competition, AUBG Choir performed in Krakow (ones), in Warsaw (twice) in major cathedrals (including King’s one), and in Budapest (HUNGARY).

November 18-22, 2014 AUBG Choir visited Krakow (POLAND). It gave two joint concerts with Male, Female and Mixed Choir “Camerata Jagellonica”. Both the concerts were dedicated to 605th jubilee of second oldest university in the world – Jagellonian University – Krakow.

April-May 2015 AUBG Choir achieved the highest success in its history – “Grand Prix” on International Internet Choir Competition held in Moscow (RUSSIA). During that prestigious event over 600 choirs from all over the world took part. After First round only 111 continued to Second round.

AUBG Choir toured successfully in Macedonia (1994, 2000, 2007, 2010), Czech Republic (1995, 2008), Germany (1996, 2012), Austria (1998), Serbia (1996, 2005, 2008), Greece (2001, 2011), Bosnia (2002), Hungary (2004, 2013), Turkey (2009), Poland (2013, 2014).

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