Thank you for your interest in recruiting AUBG students and alumni! We offer an array of services to help you employ highly qualified applicants from a diverse campus of more than 1,000 students majoring in 9 disciplines, who are prepared to present you their best talents. The Career Services Center is positioned to assist you with your recruiting needs, increase your visibility on campus, and facilitate employer relationships within the larger university. We welcome your participation!


Career Center Services for Employers
On/Off-Campus Recruiting Are you looking to hire the right professional? Would you like to meet the very best and talented entry-level employees? Contact AUBG Career Services Center to schedule a convenient date and walk through the steps of finding qualified students to interview and fill your position(s).

Company Presentations
Career Services Center schedules company presentations throughout the academic year to promote your company and present information on internship or career opportunities. On-campus presentations may be used to publicize your organization, pre-select interested candidates, or increase your presence on campus. These sessions may include a resume drop and can be followed up by on- or off-campus interviews. Please contact AUBG Career Services Center to schedule a company presentation.

Shadow at Work Days
Shadow at Work Days provide students with an opportunity to get a feel for a particular work environment and to conduct an informational interview. A job shadow is typically a one-day experience. It provides students with an opportunity to "test the waters" within a chosen field. For you this is an opportunity to promote your company and meet prospective candidates. Please contact AUBG Career Services Center to schedule a Shadow at Work Day.

Throughout the academic year we sponsor career specific seminars that include alumni and representatives from a variety of organizations and backgrounds. Our speakers share information about their career fields, and students enjoy learning more about career paths and occupations within different industries. For employers, this is an excellent means of increasing campus exposure and meeting potential candidates. Please contact AUBG Career Services Center to schedule a seminar.

Throughout the academic year, we sponsor workshops on a wide variety of topics ranging from job search strategies and business etiquette to salary negotiation. We often like to get employers involved as participants because you present a “real-life” perspective, and students respond well to your input. Your organization gains exposure through your participation, and you have the opportunity to “educate” students with the message you choose to craft. Please contact AUBG Career Services Center to schedule a workshop.

Resume Book
The Resume Book of each graduating class is produced at the office in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (pdf) and recorded on mini CD-ROMs. Please contact AUBG Career Services Center to request a copy of the last graduates class Resume Book.

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