Campus Events Guidelines

These are the rules and procedures for organizing a campus event in Fall '20. 

For events with less than 10 participants:

Use the Reservation Request form to make your reservation (this will help us collect and keep all relevant information in one place).

For events exceeding 10 participants:

Fill out the Student Event Approval Request and send it to the AUBG President, and the AUBG Health Center for permission. The health and safety protocol required at the end of the request form is a list of safety measures you are going to implement when holding your event;

  • Expect evaluation on a case by case basis due to the specifics of each event;
  • Consider holding your event in a larger space, e.g. Andrey Delchev Auditorium, to ensure appropriate distancing and to minimize the risk of spreading of the virus;
  • Face covering is required when rules for social distancing cannot be guaranteed;
  • Maintain a Canvas record of attendees with the date and time of the meeting
  • Consider taking advantage of the new equipment for the hybrid classes. This would allow you to limit the number of people on the ground and will be useful when you want to invite international guests to participate in your events virtually. 

For ALL events:

BEFORE you make a reservation, check room availability via Outlook. In the left pane click Folder List → Public Folders → All Public Folders → Rooms Schedule → select respective building (MB, ABF or BAC).

Make the reservation for your event/meeting, by sending the completed Reservation Request form (for events with less than 10 people) or Student Event Approval Request form (for events exceeding 10 people)  to:

Note: Reservations can not be made for the whole semester in advance, but rather month by month.

Other arrangements:

Security Office
For events involving external guests, make arrangements with Atanas Urdev at at least one week prior to the event.

Facilities Office
For special room arrangements, additional tables and chairs, etc., make arrangements with at least one week prior to the event.

Advertising and Marketing
To place your event on the AUBG web calendar and for advertising through internal channels (the Compass newsletter, screens around campus, social media channels, etc.), contact

Posters approval
All posters must be submitted to the front desk of Student Services at least two full working days in advance for approval.  They can be picked up at the same place the following day.

Contact the AUBG Events office for further advice and support. 

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