Career Success

By Daria Glukhova

Daniyar Akhmetshin graduated from AUBG in 2000, and if it wasn’t for his resume full of professional accomplishments, you would have thought that he was still a student. He is funny, quippy, optimistic, and has a snappy way of speaking. On weekends, he often takes trips to Blagoevgrad to hang out with other nostalgia-driven former students. Like many other AUBG graduates, he never broke off his connection with his alma mater – and that despite a busy routine as managing director at Lactalis Bulgaria.

Daniyar calls his four years at AUBG “the elementary school of my professional journey – hard, basic, but absolutely necessary.” Academic rigor characterized the time he spent in Blagoevgrad. Daniyar, who completed a business degree at AUBG, felt he was learning something new all the time and was in a condition to take a test at any moment during the semester. Next to the intensity of the AUBG experience, he ranks the scope of a liberal education: you can try a little bit of everything and take a lot of something you like the most.

Among the most influential courses Daniyar took at AUBG were Marketing, Advertising, Persuasion, Accounting, and Creative Problem Solving. The practical nature of those classes was what made them so valuable to him. He even had a chance to apply the lessons he learned in Creative Problem Solving to a dire real-life situation: being cash-strapped in an unfamiliar place without access to a bank or a cash machine. His solution: selling some audio tapes he had on him to passengers at a train station. He managed to peddle four tapes and paid for his fare to Blagoevgrad with the profit.

Daniyar places AUBG among the top three factors that helped him become who he is, next to his family and friends. Therefore, he advises current students to treasure every moment they spend here.

After graduation, Daniyar climbed the ranks of British American Tobacco, reaching the position of trade marketing manager for independent retail in Bulgaria’s Sofia region in 2010. He left the company in 2011 to join Lactalis Bulgaria.

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