​Bulgarian ID Card Procedure

Bulgarian ID card Procedure


Check the validity of your visa/current Bulgarian ID card! You must apply for your Bulgarian ID card at least 14 calendar days before the visa/old card expires. The whole process takes about 6 weeks and you will need to go to the Migration Office, Blagoevgrad three times. You must have your passport with you every time you go there. The expiration date of the passport must be at least a year after the date on which you apply for a card.



  • If you apply less than 14 days before the expiration date of your visa/ ID card, you will be fined at least 100 BGN.
  • If you apply after that date, you will be fined 500 – 5000 BGN and you will be obliged to leave the country and come back with a visa.

The International Student Services Office does not take responsibility for any fines incurred.

If you do not obtain a BG ID card while studying at AUBG, your Bulgarian Diploma cannot be issued!


Collect the following documents:

1. International passport with which you have entered Bulgaria.
2. Two A4 format copies of the first page of your passport.
3. Copy of the visa in your passport only if you came with a visa.
4. Copy of the last stamp, you received in your passport when you entered Bulgaria.
5. Copy of your Bulgarian ID card (does not apply to first year students who came with visa).
6. AUBG Certificate. To request your document, please download, fill this form, sign it electronically and send it to BGdocuments@aubg.edu. You will receive it from the Registrar’s office in two business days. Please make a copy of the certificate for your second visit. You do not need to request separate documents such as: health certificate, paid fees document, enrollment certificate, and housing certificate for on campus students.

Please see Digital Signatures Guide for more information about creating  a digital signature and signing the form.


  • If you have not declared your major yet, choose one and notify Registrar's Office.
  • If you live off-campus: A notarized Declaration from the landlord is required in addition to the AUBG Certificate (you may download the form here and print it). Please make a copy of the Declaration for your second visit.

7. A document from the bank (‘Spravka’) that you have deposited 1000 BGN or the equivalent in USD/ EUR. To open an account, you must submit an enrollment and housing certificate/declaration. It’s valid for one month. The “Spravka” should contain your name, the account number, the amount of money in the account, signature and stamp of the bank.

  • Any bank in Blagoevgrad can issue this document. 
  • If you are under 18,  you should go to DSK Bank and submit the following documents (in addition to the enrolment and housing certificates):

    а) Declaration –a prior consent from a parent/guardian (click here for a sample);
    b) Information on Personal Data Processing (click here for a sample). 

    Documents in a) and b) should be legalized and translated into Bulgarian by the Bulgarian Embassy in your home country or by a certified agency in Blagoevgrad.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that it may take up to 3 weeks to receive the bank document!

8. If you are 18 or over – Police clearance* report certifying that you have never been convicted. It can be used in Bulgaria within 6 months after the issuing date unless there is a shorter validity specified.
9. If you are under 18 – Declaration-agreement from your parents, certifying that they give their permission for you to apply for extending your stay in Bulgaria. (you may download the form here and print it).

NOTE: Documents 8. and 9. are required ONLY for students who came with a VISA.

They are issued in your home country, and should be legalized and translated into Bulgarian by the Bulgarian Embassy in your home country or by a certified agency in Blagoevgrad.


1. Print and complete the following fields on the first page of the  APPLICATION FORM (for on-campus and off-campus students):

  • Names in Latin/ Cyrillic;
  • Date of birth;
  • Town and Country of Birth;
  • Citizenship;
  • Passport number;
  • Validity Date;
  • Personal ID number;
  • Last date you entered Bulgaria;
  • Border control checkpoint.

You may find a sample form for on-campus or off-campus students. 



Take all documents listed above to Migration Office, Blagoevgrad.


In two weeks go back to Migration Office with a copy of your passport and a copy of your AUBG certificate ( for on-campus)/ a notarized declaration (for off-campus). Pay the following:

  • Stay extension fee: for up to one year - 110 BGN (100+10 BGN bank commission)                                     
  • Card issuing fee:        

- Regular service – 48.90 BGN (45+3.90 BGN bank commission)
- Fast service – 96.90 BGN (90+6.90 BGN bank commission)
- Express - 237 BGN (225 + 12 bank commission)

You have the option to pay by card to avoid bank commissions.

Check and fill in the form they will print out for you. Since the form is in Bulgarian, you’d better go with someone who speaks Bulgarian.


Go back to the Migration Office in 4 weeks (regular service) or in 10 working days (fast service) to pick up your card.

Migration Office working hours:
8:30 am – 5:00 pm               

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