Life in Bulgaria

Life in Bulgaria

Life in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is located in Southeast Europe, in the northeast part of the Balkan Peninsula. Bordered by the Black Sea to the east and the Danube to the north, Bulgaria shares borders with Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Romania. The climate is temperate with increasingly short, cool winters and long, dry summers. 

As you’d expect, this puts this sunny, pleasant land in a unique position at the crossroads of civilizations, both modern and ancient. Lifestyle and culture in what is now Bulgaria have developed over thousands of years—indeed, Bulgaria is the origin of the most ancient civilized societies in Europe.

Although it may seem that in some rural villages, time has stood still (it’s common to see elderly villagers plowing with a donkey and tending their sheep and goats), Bulgaria is a modern, forward-thinking country with a strong culture of innovation in its expanding business centres.

A member of the European Union since 2007, Bulgaria has emerged from the shadow of Communism to take its place as a democratic, safe, hospitable destination ripe with economic opportunity, a developing tourism industry and beautiful natural resources.

Bulgaria is one of the most diverse countries in Europe, and its relatively compact size and accessible highway system means you can travel from seaside to ski slope in a single day. With many hiking trails, protected sites of historic interest, spas, wine trails and opportunities for eco-tourism and adventure sports, Bulgaria is one of Europe’s most exciting, hospitable (and affordable) destinations. The food is fresh and delicious too!

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