Bomb and Bomb Threats

Bomb and Bomb Threats



1.When a telephoned bomb threat is received at AUBG / Skaptopara, the employee receiving the call will attempt to elicit all information from the caller (see Bomb Treat Checklist).
2.The person receiving the threat will immediately notify the guard on duty or will call 106. He/she needs immediately to notify his/her supervisor.
3.The supervisor will notify the following persons: 

  • The President of the university.
  • The Vice President of Financial and Institutional Support. 
  • The Dean of Faculty or Dean of Students, or in his/her absence, Assistant Dean

The police supervisor will consult with (the appropriate college representative) as to the advisability of evacuation. The decision to evacuate will normally be made by the police department after consulting with the Security Office. Security Office may order an evacuation if a suspicious item has been located, or if there are other factors that indicate an immediate threat, after a consulting with the appropriate university representatives. 

If the building is to be evacuated, the Security Office will conduct the evacuation. The fire alarm and voice announcements may be used for this purpose. The university personnel should immediately leave the building. Faculty and other employees who are conducting classes or otherwise have students or visitors in their area should ensure those persons leave as well. 

If the building is evacuated, the public will be moved a safe distance from the building perimeter. Consideration should be given to the fact that devises are commonly placed are commonly placed in trashcans, shrubbery, and vehicles outside of buildings. Building entrances will be secured against re-entry by positioning officers, signage, or barricade tape as appropriate and available. University staff will assist the Security Office where possible in ensuring that a complete evacuation was conducted, and in preventing re-entry to the building by students and visitors. Note: These procedures are the same in case of a fire.


No radio transmissions will be made within fifty feet of the area or building involved. Radio transmission may cause an improvised explosive device to detonate.

Cellular phones will be turned off before approaching within fifty feet of the area or building involved. Cellular phones that are turned on transmit periodically even when a call is not in progress.

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