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This webpage  was last revised on September 06, 2021.

In order to receive e-mails, users have mailboxes set up. A mailbox is a private area where all user e-mail messages are stored.The size of the mailbox is limited to 2GB. It is users’ responsibility to keep their mailbox within this limit. There is no guarantee that your email will function properly if you reach this limit. 

The official mail client at AUBG is Microsoft Outlook. The mail application is installed on all staff's, faculty's and labs computers.

AUBG Outlook Web Access for faculty/administration/students

Secure connection:

Using AUBG Outlook Web Access HOWTO (faculty and administration approach).

Outlook Anywhere

"Outlook Anywhere" enables Microsoft Outlook users to access their Exchange Server accounts over the Internet when they work outside the local AUBG network.

How to configure Microsoft Outlook outside AUBG network (click here )

AUBG offers web-based access to personal mailboxes for all students, faculty members and administration. This service is provided by the Microsoft Exchange server on which email services in AUBG are based. 


For more information about how to check your email outside the university contact AUBG IT Help Desk at:

  • Main Building - Room 118, ext. 300
  • Skaptopara campus - BAC Room 328, ext. 500

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