AUBG Donor Recognition

The American University in Bulgaria is proud to announce the AUBG Donor Recognition campaign. This campaign aims to honor our donors’ commitment and generosity by providing them with recognition for their support in an exciting, new and digital way.

AUBG contributors can now claim their own digital AUBG Donor badge or become proud owners of the electronic AUBG STAR ALUMNI* status and badge.

Whether you are a one-time donor or give regularly, we at AUBG would like to acknowledge our gratitude to you for being part of this philanthropic endeavor!

How does the AUBG Donor badge differ from the AUBG STAR ALUMNI* badge?

The AUBG Donor badge acknowledges the support of anyone who made at least one donation in the period July 1, 2019- June 30, 2020.

The AUBG STAR ALUMNI* status and badge are established to provide prestigious, highly visible recognition to our committed alumni donors.  

Who is eligible to attain an AUBG STAR ALUMNI* status and a badge?

An AUBG STAR ALUMNUS/ALUMNA is a person who has given each year for the past 5 years.

If I am an AUBG STAR ALUMNI* status and badge holder but quit giving in future, will I be eligible to keep the AUBG ALUMNI STAR* status and badge?

No. The AUBG STAR Alumni* status and badge can only be kept if regular donations are made on yearly basis. Otherwise, a new catch-up contribution or re-starting the 5 consecutive years of giving will be needed to regain the badge. 

How will I receive my badge?

Within three months after making a donation, you will receive an email with your digital badge.

Can I share the badge on social media?

Yes, you will be able to share your digital badge on social media for your network to see.

Can I invite my friends to join me in this initiative?

Yes. By receiving your digital badge, you will be able to invite your friends to join in.

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