AUBG Choir

The Mixed Choir of the American University in Bulgaria was formed in January 1993 by Dr. Hristo Krotev, who has been the choir’s director ever since. Although quite young, the Choir has already earned recognition regionally and internationally. 

The repertoire of the AUBG Choir consists of a wide variety of musical styles – Renaissance, Vienna classics, American Gospel and Popular, Irish Ballads, Romanticism, Eastern Orthodox Church music, authentic Bulgarian folklore arrangements, and twentieth century music.

Since its creation, the Choir has been an active participant in the annual Spring Arts Festival, organized by AUBG. The Choir is also the main organizer of the “International Meeting of Student Choirs.” In 1995 the Choir released its first recording. The Choir also performed Franz Liszt’s masterpiece Via Crucis - the piece’s debut in Bulgaria - using soloists chosen exclusively from among the choir members.  In addition, the Choir participated in the “International Smetana Choir Competition” in Lytomisl, the Czech Republic, and was awarded Second Prize with Honors – the silver diploma in the Youth Choir category.

In 1996 the AUBG Choir achieved its greatest success to date - the First Prize Laureate in the Mixed Choir category at the "Caecilia Choir Days" international choir Competition in Limburg, Germany.  The competition, which takes place once every five years, is sponsored by the celebrated Limburg choir, under the patronage of Germany's First Lady, Frau Christiane Herzog.  

During the 1997-98 season the Choir was awarded full membership in the International Federation for Choral Music (sponsored by the United Nations). In July 1998 the Choir had the honor to participate in the "Voices of the World - Welcome to Vienna" international choral festival. The Choir performed in the Schoenbrunn Castle, Vienna, gave a concert in Sancta Brigitta Church, also in Vienna, and another concert in Subotica, Serbia and Montenegro. The Bulgarian national television showed a documentary about the choir's participation in this festival. In 2001 the AUBG Choir took part in 17th International Choir Festival in Thessalonica, Greece.   

The Choir  recently celebrated its 15th Anniversary and performed a series of concerts across Bulgaria, culminating in a performance of Cimarosa's Magnificat at Bulgaria Hall in Sofia. In 2010 Dr. Krotev celebrated a double anniversary: he turned 50 and also celebrated 25 years of professional activity.

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