AUBG Annual Fund

The AUBG Annual Fund

Unrestricted support. Immediate impact.

At AUBG every day we take pride in our work and pursue the AUBG Mission. It is our job to find the next chance to innovate, to educate, change lives for better. We enable students of outstanding academic potential to be ethical and democratic leaders of our society. We focus resources on students and initiatives. And to do so, The AUBG Annual Fund is key.

The AUBG Annual Fund empowers AUBG to:

  • attract and enroll outstanding students and faculty from all over the world
  • nurture  and enhance the quality of the academic experience
  • enhance student life
  • build a stronger AUBG community

The AUBG Annual Fund brings together members of the entire AUBG community – Faculty, Staff, Alumni, BoT members and all other supporters of AUBG to empower these goals. Together, we are always reengaging and reinvesting in AUBG. It is all about AUBG. 

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