Anthropology Minor

The mission of the Anthropology minor program is to explore human variation and cultural diversity, and to transmit the anthropological perspective as a way of thinking, a method of problem solving, and a model for future learning. For many students, anthropology becomes a framework for integrating knowledge and a system of organization for their formal education. The anthropological perspective is holistic, that is, each piece or aspect of a culture is viewed within the context of the whole culture.

Unique among the social sciences and humanities, anthropology studies people and behavior in a cross-cultural perspective. This aspect of the discipline has wide ramifications for expanding the students’ world-view and approaches to other studies by increasing their awareness of ethnocentric perspectives.

Total: 6 courses

Required Courses (3 courses):

      ANT 101 Introduction to Anthropology
      ANT 237 Ethnicity and Culture Conflict
      ANT 304 Political Anthropology

Elective Courses (3 courses):

Three (3) additional ANT courses or any other approved course with an emphasis in the region of Southeastern Europe.

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