Alumni Pledge

We, the Alumni of the American University in Bulgaria:

  • Cherish the unique benefits and experience of our time at AUBG and feel a strong bond to what many of us recognize as the “The Spirit of AUBG”
  • Respect and wish to continue the work of those who acted with vision, passion and generosity to establish our special institution
  • Support and believe in the mission and values of AUBG exemplified and instilled in students and alumni.

All future alumni donations will count towards the Alumni Pledge. All donors will have the choice between restricted (endowment, scholarships, student clubs, research, events, etc.) and unrestricted options. Whatever is closest to your heart.

Where can I contribute?

You can direct your contribution to any of the causes listed in the AUBG Donation form, such as AUBG Scholarships, Student Clubs, Naming Opportunities, Panitza Library, Current Projects and Initiatives and others. There is a detailed description for every cause.

How can I contribute?

You can donate via the AUBG website directly to the university, as well as through bank transfer or other options. In case you need any assistance, please contact the Development Office at


 I consider education the single most powerful long-term lever for the advancement of a nation and by extension, a region. AUBG is one of the finest institutions of higher education in our region. It attracts exceptionally bright and energetic students. Talented hard-working young people should not be prevented from getting the best possible education because of limited resources. Women are at higher risk of being in this category, not the least because they are viewed as the less likely bread earners in a family. Helping educate young women with my endowed scholarship, I educate potentially a family and contribute to the advancement of a nation and a region.
Victoria Entwistle, Chair of the Board of Trustees


Most of us owe our success in our chosen sphere of work due to what we have learned at AUBG. The success of AUBG improves the brand for alumni in the eyes of all stakeholders. It is in alumni's best interest to support in every possible way the academic success and economic prosperity of AUBG. AUBG is the best school in the country. My vision for AUBG is to become the best school in the region and to be known as “Stanford on the Balkans."

Jordan Karabinov, President of the AUBG Alumni Association


I am very grateful to all our wonderful alumni donors to the first year of the Alumni Pledge initiative. Even in these extremely complex and challenging times, your generosity exceeded our most optimistic hopes. Your contributions have helped AUBG manage the COVID-19 crisis, assist current students to continue their education, and demonstrate to our other friends and supporters that we are making progress towards the critical goal of broadening our financial base. I regret that the current circumstances prevent many of us from meeting in person for the time being, but I look forward to thanking you directly when next we can be together. I hope that this year we can continue to collaborate in whatever form is safest and best to carry on the great work of the Alumni Pledge and help AUBG thrive into the bright future.

Dr. David R. Evans, Interim President
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