Alumni Association

The AUBG Alumni Association (AAA) is a non-profit non-governmental
organization, serving as a coordinating structure for all AUBG Alumni Activities.

The AAA Government consist of:


Ivan Gramatikov

"I graduated in 2007 with a Business major and an Economic minor. After graduation I pursued career in the retail segment of the Real estate industry. I worked on interesting projects as a consultant on the concept and the leasing process for most of the major shopping centers in Bulgaria and I was also part of the management team of The Mall, Sofia. At the moment I am a Leasing Manager of RESB. I was elected as AAA president in 2013. In my spare time I enjoy travelling around the world, mountaineering and snowboarding."

  • Presides at all meetings of the General Assembly or Board of Directors and puts issues for voting
  • Chairs the Alumni Fund committee
  • Represents the Association on the AUBG Board of Trustees
  • Approves operational expenditure
Vice President

Rostislava Ivanova

"Hi everyone, I am Rosi. I graduated AUBG with a Business major in 2007. Since then I am following my passion for Brand Marketing. I have started and developed my marketing career in companies as BAT and Samsung. Currently I am part of Bulgartabac’s marketing team.

I have joined AAA team in 2013. Why you would ask? I believe that growing and developing is a never ending process and the alumni association gives us a unique opportunity to do that – you can expand your network, meet new and old friends, inspire each other, or just have a chit-chat over a cocktail. I want to be part of this process and help to provide opportunities for alumni to grow and have fun. Furthermore, I have received so much from the university; this is my way of giving back! 

As for hobbies or interests – well, this is a complicated question for me, cause I like a lot of things just to name a few: running, hiking in mountains, exploring new places, reading books, watching movies, playing board games, sewing a gobelin, I am very passionate about swimming, but not to forget also sun bathing, I am trying to learn snowboarding…..what else….ah, I am also a fan of the so called “snow balls” (even without snow), so if you happen to stumble upon some nice piece you can always feel free to make me a gift."

  • Serves as acting president in the absence of the President
  • In charge of all grassroots structures (local chapters, classes, and special interest groups)

Eftim Eftimov

"I graduated AUBG in 2008. Business-wise, I have 7 years of experience that started in the field of real estate and financial consultancy. It was a great learning process but enough is enough in the corporate world and currently I manage my own business, thriving in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Sofia.

On a personal level, I consider myself a very outgoing person who loves the dynamics of everyday life, and also loves sports and music.

I have joined AAA because I truly believe in the networking potential of the AUBG alumni community and want to explore its limits."

  • Responsible for the keeping of full and accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements of AAA
  • Presents for approval annual fiscal reports and annual budgets
  • Chairs the Budgetary Committee
Board of Directors
  • Approves the creation of chapters of the Association
  • Approves the annual budget and fiscal report
  • Develops and increases the Alumni Fund of AUBG

AAA Board Members:

Boryana Atanassova

"I have the honor of serving in the AAA Board since January 2012. Academically, I graduated AUBG in 2009 with a double major Business Administration with Accounting & Marketing concentrations and European Union Studies and loads of extracurricular activities. I am pursuing a practical master’s degree in Innovative Marketing, Brand Management and Advertising. Professionally, I have been involved so far with business development, brand management, management consulting and project management both in business, NGO and international policy settings. Currently, I am a Business Development Manager in an entrepreneurial book publishing house and a Program Director in one of the oldest NGO-s in Bulgaria- the UN Association, managing an innovative social entrepreneurship project, empowering youth to participate in the UN. Personally, I am passionate about (social) entrepreneurship, business innovation, organizational development, reform in education, global issues, sustainable development, lobbying and networking among others. I am a firm believer in the collective power of the AAA network, be it national and international, in small or larger groups, in professional, academic, interest groups, and of course, last but not least, as friends. I am a proud AUBG Alum and an active AAA Board Member because I walk the talk of: “If not now, when? If not you, who?” and “Be the change you want to see in the world everyday!”

Kalina Gorinova, class of 2010

Nora Georgieva

"I graduated in JMC and BUS in 2009. I am currently enjoying my marketing job at Viblast, an IT start-up. My other interests lie in informal education and personal development, so I also volunteer at an NGO which does such work. Big fan of books and writing, karate, traveling and the unknown."

Rafayel Khachatryan

"I graduated from AUBG in 2011 and joined AAA in 2012. I am currently a managing partner in a toy trading company and – ticket management & online sales company for theatres, concerts and other events. My interests are connected with art, as I have been producer of few AUBG musicals and I continue consulting our fellow students."

Svetlin Kozhuharov

"I am good at organizing events and drinking beer. I like sports, yoga, musicals, and doing cool things that matter. I am very happy to be part of AAA because I believe that our community is unique and we have to cherish it."

Liliya Manahilova

"My name is Liliya and I am a proud member of the AUBG class of 2011. Currently I work in the wonderful world of beer as a Public Relations professional. I joined the Alumni Association in 2012 when I realized how much I owe to the AUBG community, how wonderful it is to be part of it and to actually contribute to its growth and to share its spirit."

Martin Manolov

"I have joined the AUBG Alumni Association as a Member of the Board of Directors in December 2013. I graduated AUBG in 2008 with Business Administration major and Financial Management specialization.

For the past six years I have been working in the consulting industry and have also some auditing experience. My core skills and experience have been predominately related to financial modeling, valuations, due diligence and feasibility studies."

Diyan Mitev

"I graduated AUBG in 2009 and joined AAA in 2011.I have a business background and IT aspirations.

Currently I am working in the EDI and Business Integration field. I love sports like tennis, squash, American football and skiing. And I am always happy to meet new people and spend time with good friends."

Gergana Petkova

"My name is Geri, I am 24, and I am an eternal AUBGer!

Since my graduation in 2013 I have been working at IBM Bulgaria as a Financial analyst. However, my heart craves performance art – music, dance, you name it! I am really excited to be part of such an inspired team of young intelligent individuals! I hope that as a Board member I can make a difference for both the AUBG alumni community and the current AUBG student body!"

Vladimir Rusev

"I have a BA in Politics and Business Administration from AUBG following completion of the first english language shcool in Sofia.I am class of 1997.  While at AUBG I was one of the founders of WizCom/Sciant - and later responsible for heading the company's finance, administration, HR and IT functions. While at WizCom I studied and completed ACCA. Wizcom, later renamed Sciant, was purchased by VMWare and became the base of their hugely successful office in Sofia. I joined CableTEL's in 2004 and was responsible for mergers, acquisitions and optimizations of the company that subsequently merged with Eurocom and was renamed to Blizoo. Leaving CableTEL in 2008 I began my entrepreneurial career investing in and consulting a number of companies most notably EON TOYS - a toy distribution company and Mega-LAN a LAN operator in Blagoervgrad that was sold to Bulsatcom. Always positive, and a valuable contribution to any endeavor, I am ready to learn and share my experience. I am sporty by nature, I practice fitness, squash and climbing."

Dimitar Tatarski, class of 2008

Sevdalina Yontcheva

"My name is Sevdalina Yontcheva and this is my second term as Director at large within AAA. I graduated AUBG in 2005 and since then I have been working for several different companies until I have found my passion in the energy and video gaming industry. Two pretty different fields, but both of them special and involving for me. At present I am developing my startup company which is creating game networking middleware and in parallel working as a business development manager at my family’s dental clinic. Within AAA I would like to organize active business networking and maximizing alumni connections after their years in Blagoevgrad. On a more personal note, my interests are focused in personal development and organizational and social psychology. My hobbies are dancing, traveling and innovative DIY projects."

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