Viktoria Arabadzhy

Viktoria Arabadzhy

Admissions Counselor


Alma Mater: 
Southwest University

Has been working for AUBG since
January 2020.

Why did you decide to work at AUBG?
All students and workers come here because of the opportunities that AUBG gives. I imagined that I would meet and work with amazing and talented people, travel, be part of interesting events, and do something meaningful. And that’s what happened. I am beyond happy that I made the choice to join the AUBG family.

Favorite AUBG memory: 
A lot of my friends and my family studied in AUBG and I have had chances to take part in many of the events at the university. Each and every event has left very bright and cool memories. I can’t choose only one because altogether they create one beautiful and warm feeling.

Best part of your job: 
I like that AUBG created its own amazing world where people can know each other on a personal level. At AUBG professors and students can drink coffee together before classes, participate in musicals and movie nights, or even sports and educational events. AUBG has it all and I am happy that my job allows me to be a part of this mini-world.

Tips for college: 
The possibilities at AUBG are limitless and anything is possible. Nobody here will tell you that you can’t do something. Take all the chances and opportunities and make these four years of your life incredible!

What do you do in your free time? 
Everything? I find things that are interesting to try and do them: like yoga, boxing, traveling, or organizing events in the city. And I also enjoy taking a break and having some lazy time to re-watch all the Marvel movies again and again.

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