Finance your Education

Finance your Education

Our admissions counselors are here to help you find the best solution for your situation. It’s likely you’ll be one of the 95% of the first-year BA students who receive financial help.

Explore the topics below to find out how easy it is to get the help you need. And don’t forget that scholarship opportunities don’t stop upon admission; you can apply throughout your education too.

 Financial Aid

In order to help make AUBG education affordable, the University provides institutional financial aid which is based on academic merit and financial need of the student. Students are automatically considered for financial assistance based on academic merit when they apply. Financial need is determined through an analysis of the Application for AUBG Financial Assistance form and documents submitted in support of this application. The University reserves some of its financial aid to help students with demonstrated high levels of financial need, and some of the scholarship donors stipulate that their gifts be used to support students with financial need. We identify both these scholarships and the AUBG awards to address financial need as “need-based awards”. Students must file an Application for Financial Assistance located at the How To Apply page in order to be eligible for need-based financial aid. The University cannot support all students with need and cannot provide awards that offset completely the financial need of every student. All applicants should expect to pay some part of the tuition and fees.

Only full-time degree-seeking students are eligible to receive financial aid. Financial aid covers a portion of tuition and it does not need to be repaid. Financial aid awards are subject to a maximum of eight semesters of enrollment and are conditional on good academic performance.

AUBG determines the award of financial assistance based on academic merit as evidenced by the English language proficiency test score and high school grades. If the student filed an Application for Financial Aid (AFA) form, the financial need is determined by the evidence on the AFA and associated documents. Because the awards are based on an evaluation of the confidential information provided by all applicants and their families, the University cannot provide any applicant with a detailed explanation for the financial aid decision.


AUBG offers many students scholarship support made possible through the generosity of private and corporate donors. Scholarships may be either full or partial, and are allocated according to conditions specified by the donors which can include such factors as academic excellence, leadership potential, diversity of the student body, and to promote AUBG among specific populations of potential students. Scholarship awards are limited in duration according to the particular scholarship and may require the recipient to maintain a higher grade point average than that required for financial aid awards. Students are responsible for reading and understanding the terms of their scholarship awards which are outlined in the award letter.

You can find information about available first year scholarships on the scholarships page.

Student Loans

You may be entitled to apply for a student loan to cover your costs of living, tuition and learning materials. Check the list of available student loan programs and contact the Student Loan Office for details and an eligibility check.

ABF-sponsored Forgivable Loans from Tokuda Bank

With the special support of America for Bulgaria Foundation, Tokuda Bank now offers forgivable student loans to all full-time Bulgarian undergraduate students at AUBG. Learn more

Student Assistants

In addition to tuition grants, many students are eligible to participate in the on-campus Student Assistant Program. Earnings from Student Assistant Program are applied to the cost of tuition, housing, textbooks and meals from campus dining services. Participation in the Student Assistant Program is not guaranteed but depends on the positions available. Full-time students are eligible for up to 360 hours per academic year. Payment is not made in cash but is credited to the student’s account. Students who receive scholarships to cover all AUBG expenses (tuition, housing, student activity fee, meal plan, textbooks, among others) are ineligible. Ineligible are also part-time students, visiting students, and those on exchange programs.

Work & Travel

Most students find that after the first year they are able to earn the cost of attending during summer Work and Travel jobs in the United States or Europe. More than 70% of AUBG students fund their education through Work and Travel. In addition to that, it’s a valuable opportunity to strengthen language skills and gain international living and working experience.

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