Bachelor's Degree and Admission Frequently Asked Questions

Application process

Who can apply to AUBG’s undergraduate program?

Anyone who has completed high school or is in their last year of studies and has taken (or will take) an English Proficiency Test (TOEFL, IELTS, CPE, CAE)  may apply to AUBG.

Is it hard to be admitted to AUBG?

There is no specific formula for admission to AUBG.  An Admissions Committee, which consists of representatives from the Admissions Office and the faculty, reviews all applications.  The approach toward evaluating applicants is strictly individual.  Admission is selective, seeking applicants whose personal and academic qualities promise success.  The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL, IELTS, CPE, CAE) is required, but outstanding test scores alone cannot guarantee admission. Careful attention is paid to letters of recommendation, as well as to the individual impression given by the applicant’s essay, portfolio and interview. For more information on admission requirements please visit our How to Apply page.


What type of education does the American University in Bulgaria provide?

AUBG offers four years of higher education in the Liberal Arts tradition. Upon graduation students receive a Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA). AUBG also provides an executive MBA program at the Elieff Center for Culture and Education in Sofia. For detailed information please visit our Academics page.

What majors does the AUBG BA program offer?

For more information about our Major and Minors please visit 
Academics page.

Can I complete a double major at AUBG?

Yes.  A student may declare a double major, a major and a minor, or a major and two minors.  For more information about our majors and minors please visit Academics page.

What types of resources are available to support my studies?

The university library (Panitza Library) is the biggest English language library on the Balkan Peninsula. The library collection contains fiction, scientific literature, major Bulgarian and world periodicals, microfilms and CD-ROMs. The whole collection is indexed through a computer catalog, which enables quick searches of materials, according to specified topics, authors, key words etc.


Is the American University in Bulgaria accredited in Bulgaria?

Yes. AUBG is chartered by an act of the Grand National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria and received full Bulgarian institutional accreditation on June 14, 2001. The diploma that the students get at the end of their studies is accepted not only in Bulgaria but also in Europe.

Is the American University in Bulgaria accredited abroad?

Yes. The American University in Bulgaria was granted Accreditation. (NEASC) through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Education.

Finance your education

What is the cost of studying at AUBG? How much are tuition and board?

See the Cost and Aid page (or the EMBA page for the cost of Executive MBA). 

Are there scholarships or financial aid for international students?

Yes, we offer many scholarships and financial aid. Please visit our Costs and Aid page for detailed information on availability and how to apply.

Can I work at the university?

Yes.  Students are offered work-study positions paid at $1 or $2 per hour in order to cover part of their total expenses.  Students decide by themselves on how many hours they should work per week for up to 360 hours per academic year.

Furthermore, the University Career Center regularly offers information about vacant part-time positions in Blagoevgrad.  Many companies prefer to hire AUBG students, as they are well prepared and qualified.  For more information on how to finance your education please visit our Finance Your Education page.

Campus and Facilities

Where will I live while studying at AUBG?

Students are offered accommodations in the Skaptopara Residence Halls I, II and III, located on the Skaptopara campus – within easy reach of all campus facilities and a 10-minute walk from the AUBG Main Building. All halls are equipped with TV lounges and study areas. For more information please visit our Virtual Tour.

What are the on-campus dining options?

The Hungry Griffin restaurant is located at the ABF Student Center. It offers a variety of meat and vegetarian meals, fitness plan dishes, sushi and noodle bar as well as salads, desserts, and beverages. There are also cafes in the ABF building and Skaptopara I, where you can find lots of tasty and healthy refreshments. For more information please visit our Virtual Tour.

What about sport activities?

AUBG offers state of the art sports facilities. For more information please visit our Virtual Tour. Student Government annually allocates funding to various sports, academic and cultural clubs, and organizations.  At present AUBG has sports clubs in baseball, tennis, boxing, skiing, fitness, basketball, tourism, dancing, soccer, swimming, and aerobics.

Career success

What are the retention and graduation rates for the bachelor's program?

Our retention rate—the number of full-time students who return the following
year—is 99%. Our graduation rate—which is the percentage of students who enter the university as degree-seeking undergraduates who have indeed graduated 6 years later—is 86%. U.S peer institutions' graduation rate is 59%.*

*According to the Institutional Retention and Graduation Rates for Undergraduate Students, National Center for Education Statistics (May 2015).

What are the career opportunities after graduating from AUBG?

The AUBG Career Center assists students in planning for the future.  Every year a Job Fair is organized. It gathers representatives of leading Bulgarian and foreign firms that interview students for employment on a part-time or full-time basis.  Some AUBG alumni pursue further studies at prestigious universities; others work for leading Bulgarian and foreign companies and banks, such as Deloitte & Touche LLP; KPMG LLP; PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP; Raiffeisen Bank; Ernst &Young AFA; TMF Services; BNP Paribas; Radio City New York; Radio Express; Radio FM +; Hewlett-Packard GVA; American Chamber of Commerce; American Consulate in Bulgaria; Amnesty International; Bulgarian Foreign Ministry; Ministry of Agriculture, Bulgaria; Ministry of Ecology, Macedonia; Ministry of Economic Cooperation, Albania; Ministry of Economy, Bulgaria; Ministry of Regional Development; British Airways; DHL International; Balkanpharma Holding; Siemens AG; Xerox Corporation; Coca Cola Bottling HBC S.A.; Philip Morris International Inc.; Hilton International Co.; Sheraton Hotels & Resorts and many more.

Where can I pursue further studies after graduating from AUBG?

The AUBG Career Center maintains a library of catalogues of American,
European and other universities, where you can pursue postgraduate study options. We have AUBG alumni attending top universities worldwide: Yale, Clark, Cornell, Purdue, George Washington, Georgetown, American University, and Boston University in the US and INSEAD, Central European University, and other universities in Italy, Spain, Germany, France, etc.

AUBG even offers funding options to those who aspire to a higher academic degree. For more information, please explore the Tchaprachikoff Scholarship Fund.

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