Anna Spasova


Anna Spasova

Admissions Counselor


Alma Mater: 
New Bulgarian University  & South-West University

Has been working for AUBG since
July 2019.

Why did you decide to work at AUBG?
AUBG as an institution has always seemed to be one of the most attractive and highly professional places. At the same time, the society and people at AUBG are the heart of the University and create that incredible atmosphere you can only feel when you are part of it.

Favorite AUBG memory: 
My very first team-building with the whole Admissions team in June 2019. Also, I can’t wait for the Open house this November!

Best part of your job: 
The most exciting moment is when you see how happy students are at the campus and that they feel AUBG as their home. At the same time, I will never forget  parents’ pride and reaction on the official Reception for the new academic year

Tips for college: 
Don’t be afraid to explore new things and also use your time here wisely.

What do you do in your free: 
I love to travel with my family: Summertime to the seaside and in the winter I love going skiing in the mountain.

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