Aleksandra Stoyanova


Aleksandra Stoyanova

Admissions Counselor


Alma Mater: 
South-West University  

Has been working for AUBG since:  
October 2016

Why did you decide to work at AUBG? 
The university was established in 1991 and I was born a year later. AUBG is almost a “peer” of mine. I have grown up with AUBG and AUBG has grown up with me. The university has always been a dream of mine but a bit of a distant one until I took my first English language course with the English Language Institute at AUBG when I was in the eighth grade. I fell in love with the university, it’s English instructors and the whole atmosphere. My desire to be more involved with the university was growing. Then two years and a couple of months ago I returned from Spain where I used to work and accidentally saw an ad saying that AUBG is looking for an admissions counselor. So here I am now!

Favorite AUBG memory:
I don’t have one. I love all of it! The moments I see students returning on campus, the theater packed with parents and friends impatiently waiting to see a performance by Prof. Delchev’s theater class, the spring time, the time when you won’t spend a minute outside AUBG just because you want to be there for everything that is happening, the lovely AUBG musicals and inspiring TEDxAUBG talks, the motivating StartUp conferences, the spring rolls made by Vietnamese students during International Week! Ah, you just need to be there to see this palette of colors, events and people with your own eyes!

Best part of your job: 
Knowing that it is worth it to sleep less, work more and travel a lot simply because you know that you can be changing somebody’s future! I love my job and the people who know me can clearly see this in my eyes. Just let me tell you all about AUBG next time we meet! 

Tips for college: 
You have it all here, just be whoever you want to be! Be open to people, to challenges, to cultures, be active and don’t waste a minute of your time!

What do you do in your free-time: 
I am simply being curious –talking to people, hearing their stories, exploring new places, enjoying the nature and its peaceful sounds, reading books, hiking, or just relaxing by simply doing nothing! We all need those moments, right?  

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