Access Policy

Card Procedures

Your encoded student ID card enables you to enter secured areas by simply swiping the card through a card reader on the doorframe.The lock will automatically release and allow entry into your building as well as your room. We urge you to help maintain the integrity of the system by not using your card to allow any other individuals except your escorted guests to enter your building's common areas or your living area. 

You are also urged, for your own protection and the protection of your belongings, to immediately report to the Front Desk or your Resident Assistant any individuals who do not appear to have legitimate business in the hall or suites complex. It is important to recognize that no system is absolutely foolproof. Always close the door to your room when you leave; a thief needs less than a minute to relieve you of your valuables. Do NOT tamper with the automatic locking mechanism on your door. Instead make it a habit to carry your card with you, even if you are just going down the hall for a minute.

Obtaining an ID card in AUBG

Student Cards
  • All students who come for a card need to show a stamped registration document or a print out from registering on-line.  If first year students register on line and upload a suitable photo, their IDs will be prepared in advance of them arriving and will be issued by their Hall of Residence during “Freshers Weekend”. 
  • Student cards automatically cancel at the end of their course. Students writing up their thesis at the end of their research can apply to Registry for a 6 month writing-up period and their cards will continue to work until the end of this period.
Staff Cards
  • Members of staff need to produce their contract of employment to obtain an an ID card. 
  • When a person’s contract ends, their card will automatically cancel.
People without a CID (Cleaners, Contractors, Visiting Students)
  • A letter from the departmental representative must been shown to the ID card office. 
  • A card will only be issued by the ID card office to a person who is going to be on campus for more than 3 months. If someone is here for less than 3 months, their department should issue them a guest card. 
  • If a department has not specified an end date, the visitor will be given a card valid for one year. At the end of this period, the department can extend the card. 
  • If a person leaves before the card expires, the department should notify security so that the card can be deactivated.
Guest Cards
  • Departments hold guest cards and issue them to visitors who will be on campus for less than 3 months. 
  • Guest cards are supplied to an agreed ID card Departmental Representative at a cost of $12 each.
  • The departmental representative should inform the ID card office of the name of the visitor, how long they will be here for and the areas they require access to. 
  • If access is required to any areas outside the remit of the requesting department, authorisation is required from the appropriate department. 
  • If the card is going to be issued for more than 5 days, it is the responsibility of the authorising department to carry out a safety induction.
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