1 IDEA - 4 MONTHS - $5000

The AUBG Accelerator Program is a 4-month experience and mentorship-based program designed to help you start a business. During the program, the participating teams will have access to many workshops, training and a mentorship network comprised of experienced entrepreneurs and AUBG alumni. Each team will get $5000 as capital to kick-start their development.

Watch Season 2 Demo Day HERE!

During the Demo Day, the participating teams will pitch their ideas and show the progress they have made so far through the founder talks, mentorship sessions and workshops they have been attending for the duration of the program.

If you would like to see where Vendy+, CreativX, PateMate, Lily B’s Botanical Soapery, AmeriCanGo, Seeking Traveller and DiGi are now and what their future will look like, mark your calendar for April 15, 2021, 5pm.

The Demo Day will be entirely online.

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Join us as a...


Participant In a team of 2-6 people, you get first-hand experience of our mentorship network, peer-sharing and innovative environment. Elevate Season 3 will be recruiting in Fall 2021.

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Lead one of our weekly mentorship sessions with the teams! Share your professional experience, your personal road to success and get in touch with young entrepreneurs.

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AUBG proved to be a diverse community in which students undertake numerous initiatives both from a social and business perspective. The one thing missing from the university's portfolio was a tailor-made support mechanism that contributes to the long-term development of student-led projects. Support us here.

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Video Production and Creative Design outsourcing.


Rosen Dinchev   +359 885 126887


Vending machines for products that promote health and sex education.


Dimitrina Pashova    +359 884 944795


A unified platform where J1 housing offers can be uploaded and reviewed.


Kalina Dimitrova    +359 893 587 433

Lily B's Botanical Soapery

Hand-made cosmetic products with natural ingredients with a cause.


Kristina Borisova    +359 886 612 263


A platform for booking our thematic interactive tours across the Balkans.


Georgi Georgiev    +359 896 602 123


The Identiy of the future.

Where you manage your financial life.


Plamen Kostov    +359 879 378 466

Pate Mate

Pate Mate serves as a specialty gourmet Mate Infusions that fuel energy.


Andreyana Andreeva    +359 898 202 043


Traditional Bulgarian Food Cooked by Loving Grannies

Grandma Knows Best

Support the Grannies

We want to hire grannies to produce traditional Bulgarian foods (лютеница, кьопоолу, и т.н.) and export them to Scandinavian countries. We want to improve the lives of Bulgarian pensioners (for every 4 hours of work on making products they get paid 5 without working. Instead the team will organize events that aim to integrate elderly people in contemporary society i.e. digital literacy, social networks)


Maxim Lezginov    +359 897 051 059

Not a math game, it is THE game!

Innovation in Education

Play time

We are an interactive and visually compelling game that aims to icentivise children to learn math while incorporating competetive elements.


Ivan Hristov    +359 895 477 004

Champion in the kitchen, beast at the gym

Barzo, Anabolno, Vkusno


We are the first Bulgarian fitness tracking app aiming at providing diet and fitness guidance through AI and ML.


Yuliy Yuliev    +359 895 477 004

The world is yours


Travel & Save

We want to build an application to connect people traveling between cities.


Maria Vasileva    +359 887 707 587

Clothes tell stories


Beyond Fashion

We are a clothing brand that tailors stories into their garments. The idea behind the brand is to start a culture inspired by a fantasy world and transfer it to the reality via their clothes.


Kostadin Buhchev    +359 888 749 477

Charge your devices here... there & everywhere



We are a team which wants to integrate wireless charging devices in public planes and at home furniture.


Borislav Tsvetanov    +359 884 011 730


In order to comply with all health and safety measures, Season 2 will be entirely online. You can watch the Founder Talks here:
Workshops are also available per request, Email Us.



Exclusive Partners - more than $10,000

Futurists - more than $5,000

Ambassadors - more than $500

Supporters - up to $500


Stoyan Rahov

Managing Director

Alex Mishev

Managing Director

Magdalena Hristova

Marketing Manager

Desislava Manova

Marketing Manager

Kaloyan Ivanov

Finance & Accounting

Roberta Tihomirova

Public Relations Manager

The Elevate accelerator is a program that is tailored towards the AUBG community. The organising team consists of Alex and Stoyan who are alumni (’20) and four current students who are all responsible for the mission, vision and operation of the program.



Frequently Asked Questions

The AUBG Accelerator Program is a 4-month experience and mentorship-based program designed to help you start a business. During the program, the participating teams will have access to many workshops, training and a mentorship network comprised of experienced entrepreneurs and AUBG alumni. Each team will get $5000 as capital to kick-start their development.
The program is an initiative of AUBG, inspired and built by the venture capital fund Eleven Ventures and led by a team of AUBG students with an entrepreneurial spirit.
The accelerator is a great fit for all students who want to get their hands dirty while starting up their own company. It is for the ones who want to experiment and make their business idea a reality.
Each team receives a startup capital of $5000, which can be used for conducting business experiments and covering the costs associated with starting the business.
The golden rule is that your team should be comprised of between two and six people. Anything less - you don't really have a team, it’s a solo founder; anything more - it will be hard to collaborate.
The program is for teams only, so just go ahead and find a peer who believes in your vision. Have in mind that the majority of great companies worldwide have been started by two or more co-founders working together and complimenting their skills.
The curriculum covers topics specifically important when starting up a business, like Idea generation, Customer Development, Business Models, Product Development, Marketing, Sales, Financials and more. Most workshops are led by entrepreneurs, so they know what a startup struggles with. We’ve built a curriculum taking into account your current university commitments and workload, so you can easily combine the two. We’ve taken into account the final’s and mid-term dates so you have enough time to prepare.
As of April 28th, we will officially start accepting applications for Season 3 of Elevate. The requirements of the program remain the same. You need to have at least one member of your team who is studying or has studied in AUBG in the last 5 years. Make sure you fill in as many of the details in the F6S form as possible. Don't be afraid to reach out to us on any of our social media channels!
You can donate to the AUBG Accelerator Program by clicking the link here.