Transcripts and Certifications

Official Transcripts

Students at the American University in Bulgaria have two options for requesting transcripts via the trusted online provider of electronic transcript delivery Parchment or in person by submitting a signed copy of the Official Transcript Request Form

Order a Transcript via Parchment.

To request a transcript you must login or register by creating a new account. Once the account is setup and confirmed, you will be able to order your transcript.

To Order a Transcript in Person
Download a copy of the Transcript Request form  Submit the hand signed form by mail, scanned and emailed, or drop it off in person in the Registrar’s Office. 

American University in Bulgaria
Registrar's Office
ABF Student Center
12, "Svoboda Bachvarova" St.

Blagoevgrad 2700, Bulgaria

Working hours: Monday- Friday / 8am - 5pm

There is a $8 per transcript charge.  Payment methods accepted are available here. Transcripts requested via Parchment can be paid through the system.

Transcript Formats

Electronic (secure PDF) format transcript

AUBG uses Parchment Exchange for processing all transcript requests as well as delivering academic transcripts electronically. It is convenient and secure,and allows you to track your request online at any time.

Transcripts sent electronically through the secure electronic delivery are considered official records. We produce electronic (secure PDF format) transcripts faster than paper transcripts. Normally they are processed within one business day from the date of receiving transcript fee payment confirmation. Sending a PDF transcript eliminates mailing time.

Paper transcripts

Paper transcripts are printed on security paper. Normally we process them within two business days from the date of receiving transcript fee payment confirmation.


Holds for a financial obligation to the University will prevent transcript release.

Restrictions can be made by: 

  • Student Loan Office: contact person -Liuba Tomova, email address: 
  • Accounting Office: contact person -Daniela Kovacheva, email address:

We will notify you as soon as the above mentioned offices inform us there is a hold on your account, but we cannot be responsible for any delay in processing your transcript request until you clear all financial obligations caused the hold on your account. Transcripts will not be produced during the grade processing period until all grades have been submitted.

Methods for Receiving Transcripts:

  • Fastest - Electronic delivery 
  • Express mail with additional charge 
  • Pick-up from the Registrar's office during business hours Monday through Friday.


Types of Certificates:

Enrollment Certificate

A certification is an official document that confirms attendance, awarded degrees, current and past enrollment, expected graduation date, student’s status and major(s). Official certifications are printed on secure paper with the University seal and the Registrar's signature.

Enrollment certificates can be issued either in English or in Bulgarian language.

Graduation Certificate

Graduates may request an official “Certificate of Graduation”, also known as graduation verification. The Certificate details the graduate’s name, degree(s) awarded, major(s) and minor(s), applicable honors, graduation date. It is signed by the Registrar and is imprinted with the official University Seal.

Internship Certificate

The Internship Certificate provides the employer with a letter supporting the educative value of the internship and your current or continuing enrollment at AUBG. The Internship Certificate confirms that AUBG curriculum includes the opportunity for the students to satisfy part of the degree requirements through participation in a formal academically structured work experience (internship).


Students at the American University in Bulgaria may
request certificates through fax, mail, or in person using the printed Certificate Request Form and submit signed copy to:

American University in Bulgaria
Registrar's Office
ABF Student Center
12 “Svoboda Bachvarova” Str.

Blagoevgrad 2700, Bulgaria

Working hours: Monday – Friday / 8am - 5pm

There is a $3 per certificate charge.  Payment methods accepted are available here .

Certificates Request form may be found here . All requests require student’s signature. If the request form is sent from an e-mail outside the AUBG network, it is required to be hand signed and attached as a scanned copy. 

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