Course Registration

Course Selection and Registration

To receive credit for course work taken during a particular term a student must be officially registered. Course registration information is available ten days before registration begins at the Course Registration Site or through the Registrar’s Office.

New-coming students’ registration

All newly admitted students should submit their course requests to the Registrar’s office in July (for students accepted in Fall) and in the first half of January (for students accepted in Spring). Course requests (the courses that you would like to register for) are submitted through the reg web site Students typically take 5 courses per semester depending upon the courses. Foundation courses are to be completed in the first year: AUB 100 Steps to Success, ENG 100 English Structure and Grammar,ENG 101 Exposition, ENG 102 Writing Academic Research Papers, MAT 100 Introductory Mathematics and STA 105 Statistics. The requirements for ENG 100 and MAT 100 may be satisfied upon admission by designated scores on the SAT exam or by the placement exam given during Orientation Week.

Course Schedule (open to first-year accepted students)

For brief course descriptions and more detailed course information, consult the Course Catalog .

All new students are assigned an academic advisor. Each student is required to contact his/her advisor during the orientation to discuss a proper course schedule. All students are able to finalize their course registration after meeting with their advisor during the orientation.


Course pre-registration normally begins on April 15 for the fall semester and November 15 for the spring. Students are limited during the initial pre-registration period to no more than 17 credit hours of pre-registered (or wait-listed) courses. The policy of the University is to assign registration priority to students in accordance with the need of the students to enroll in a course in order to complete graduation requirements. Ordinarily, this will proceed in reverse order of class standing – second-semester seniors first, then first-semester seniors, etc. – until all students are registered. Students with overdue balances will not be permitted to pre-register.


Beginning of the first day of classes each semester, there is a designated add/ drop period of at least five class days during which any of the following actions can take a place: a student can add a course, change a section of a course, change the grading basis of a course, or drop a course. Students must abide by all enrollment regulations when adding classes. First-year students and students on academic probation require the approval of their advisor for registration. Request for the changes can be made online at the Course Registration Site or through the Registrar’s Office.

Your placement in any particular course is based on space availability. Waiting list registration starts on the first day of add/drop period and closes at noon on the fourth day of add/drop week. Overload and Repeat for improving a passing grade course registration requests will be processed after waiting list registration is closed. Full-class permissions can be used after noon on the fourth day of add-drop week.

Late add/drop fee: There is no fee for drops and adds during the first week of classes. In exceptional circumstances, a student may be permitted by the Dean of Faculty to add or drop a course during the second week of classes. Whenever this is allowed, an additional fee of $100 per transaction (add, drop, or a combination of add and drop) will be assessed.

Note that students with unpaid student bills will not be allowed to log into the course registration site and will have their pre- registration cancelled. A failure to register for classes leads to administrative withdrawal from the University.

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