Academic Procession

The Academic Procession is composed of Stage Party, Board of Trustees, Faculty members, and Graduating Seniors, appropriately attired in academic regalia. 


The first group in the procession are the graduating seniors led by the Student Marshal. Bachelor Graduates are seated on the first several rows of the reserved seating area both if the ceremony takes place outside, and indoors. EMBA Graduates are seated behind the BA Graduates both outdoors and indoors. The candidates for degrees remain standing while faculty, trustees, and stage party proceed to their places. Graduating seniors order of march is alphabetical. It is of crucial importance that students stay in line, since diplomas are in the same order. 

Second in the procession are AUBG faculty led by the Faculty Marshal carrying the University Mace. Faculty are seated behind the EMBA graduates in the reserved seating area. Faculty order of march is random. 

Next in the procession are the AUBG Board of Trustees led by the Board Marshal and seated behind the faculty in the reserved seating area. Their order of march is also random.

Last in the procession is the Stage Party comprised of the President of AUBG, the Keynote Commencement Speaker, the Honorary Degree Recipient(s), the Chair and the Deputy Chair of the Board of Trustees, the Provost, the Student Speaker, the Presidential Medalist, the Valedictorian(s) and the Salutatorian(s) of the graduating class, and some Bulgarian and US government officials. The Stage Party is led onto the stage by the President wearing the University Medallion. All other members of the academic procession and the whole audience should remain standing while the stage party is processing. The President presides over the Commencement Ceremony.

All members of the academic procession are provided with a bottle of mineral water under each of their seats during the ceremony.


The order of recession after the ceremony is reverse of the procession: Stage Party, Board of Trustees, Faculty members, Graduates.

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