ABF-Sponsored Forgivable Loans

With the special support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation, Tokuda Bank offers forgivable student loans to all full-time Bulgarian undergraduate students at AUBG. ABF will cover 20% of the loan principal for every year the student works in Bulgaria after graduation. 


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per academic year for the full course of study



1 year

10 years

annual interest rate principal grace period after graduation repayment period after principal grace period

For every year (up to five) the student works in Bulgaria during the repayment period, the America for Bulgaria Foundation will cover 20% of the loan principal amount. If the student spends five of the first ten years after graduation in Bulgaria, they will only need to repay the interest accrued. 

Can cover


There are no application and scoring fees, and no need for guarantors. In addition, there is no prepayment penalty and requirements for using other bank products, services and packages.

Learn more about this loans opportunity at Tokuda Bank’s web page

To apply, contact Tokuda Bank and the AUBG Student Loan Office.

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