27 for 27

It’s our Birthday - AUBG Turns 27 on June 27!

Let’s celebrate together AUBG’s birthday with a “27 for 27"  gift

How? Make a $27 donation or even better - pledge 27 monthly donations of $27. Your support makes the difference for students’ lives and enables AUBG to deliver a world-class education to bright students who after graduation become the designers of tomorrow.

We have many reasons to celebrate:

  • the successful launch of the Bocconi graduate program in Banking, Finance, and Real Estate;
  • the approval of the new program in psychology;
  • the commitment of the America for Bulgaria Foundation to fund next year’s class with $2 million of scholarship support;
  • the highest number of alumni donors in AUBG history;
  • and now we are looking forward to welcoming on campus the largest incoming freshman class in over 10 years!

As we celebrate our past, we also help lay the foundation for continued success in the future by raising funds for talented students to support their education.

Don't forget, these are the last days of the 2017-18 cup competitions. We’ll count up the alumni gifts and award the Griffin cup to the AUBG class with the highest participation rate, and the Skaptopara Cup to the class with the highest total giving. Here are the current standings:

Griffin Cup (for the alumni class with highest participation rate)

1st Place: Class of 2016
2nd Place: Class of 2001
3rd Place: Class of 2018

Skaptopara Cup (for the alumni class with the highest total giving)

1st Place: Class of 2001
2nd Place: Class of 1996
3rd Place: Class of 1999

Help us celebrate AUBG’s 27th birthday: invest in education and take another step in building a better future for our region and the world!

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