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Phone call reports

AUBG offers web-based tool for phone call tracking and reporting for faculty members and administration. The instrument is tested and works fine with Internet Explorer 7 or higher, Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or higher. For complete site functionality make sure you have JavaScript and popups enabled.

Phone call reports:
For AUBG faculty and administration:  /pcalls

Then you will be prompted to insert your username, password and domain name (correct domain names are AUBGIN and SOFIA). See an example on picture 1.

Once you logged in successfully, you will see your name and extension number. .


Summary report from the beginning of current month.

Choosing the first link “Summary report for current_month, current_year” you get a table with your username, extension number, switchboard where your phone is connected, start time (the beginning of the current month), end time (the moment of report processing) and total cost of all your phone calls in BGN  for that period.

Detailed report from the beginning of current month.

Choosing the second link  “Detailed report for current_month, current_year” you get all elements of summary report plus a detailed table with all phone calls. First column is the switchboard where your phone is connected, date and time of your call (this is the start time), destination (the number you are calling), duration in seconds, price of the call in BGN and your contact information (name, building, floor, room).

Custom reports

You can prepare your own report by changing the basic conditions: start time, end time, detailed or summary. You can change the start/stop time using the form or with the popup JavaScript calendar.


Using Phonebook

Once you choose the link “Phonebook” you can access a list of all phone numbers in AUBG (Main building, Skaptopara, Sofia).

 Picture 2

The system allows two actions: sorting and filtering. You can sort using one of the following criteria: first name, last name, building, floor, room, ext. For filtering fill appropriate text box (you can use more than one text box simultaneously) and click the button “Search in Phonebook”.

Example: You want to get a list sorted alphabetically by family name, with all people from the main building whose extension starts with 3.

1. Clicking “Last name” link.
2. Write 3 in text box in EXT. column.
3. Click “Search in Phonebook” button.