Psychology Club Sheds Light on New Program

March 01, 2018

On Feb. 20 and 21, the Psychology Club took to the Andrey Delchev Auditorium to introduce  AUBG’s new major and minor.  The program in psychology will begin in Fall 2018 but various classes in the field have already been offered since Fall 2016. Those courses will count towards a student’s major or minor.

One of the goals of this program is to help students more deeply understand the major areas of expertise that are studied in AUBG. “Everything is connected to psychology,” current professor of psychology Ronald Harvey said. “If a student is a Business Administration major, he needs to know how to deal with people, whether it is going to be in the sphere of HR, leading a team, etc. If a student is an Economics person, he cares about how people spend money or how they make economic decisions. Psychology is everything that people do.”

The science is centered into three major points – how you think, how you feel, and how you act. Even though we cannot control people, we can still understand and study what they think, how they act, and what they feel.

The major will require 12 courses and the minor will require six. There will be three required courses – Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Social Psychology, and Psychology Research Methods. The first one has been offered since Fall 2016 and it deals with brain and psychology, empathy, thinking, sensation, culture, social psychology, etc. It helps the students have a clear understanding of what electives they will take later on. The second course has been offered since 2016 as well and it is connected to persuasion, conformity, and how people should behave. Research Methods will be offered in Fall 2018 and its main goal will be to train students how to think less by intuition and more like a scientist.

The elective courses are divided into two groups, Fundamental Psychology courses and Other Electives. The students who are majoring in psychology will need to take at least four elective courses from the first group. Some of the electives to be offered are Abnormal Psychology, which deals with mental and personality disorders, and The Psychology of Social Change, which will focus on solving social problems and how social change can be done at the societal level. Another elective, Cognitive Psychology, will study various mental activities such as thinking, decision-making and the nature of consciousness.

Fundametal Psychology Electives

PSY 202
Abnormal Psychology
PSY 203 Personality Theory
PSY 302 Development Psychology
PSY 303 Cognitive Psychology
PSY 304 Physiological Psychology
PSY 305 Psychology of Social Change

Other Electives

BUS 340 Organizational Theory and Behavior
BUS 361 Consumer Behavior
SES 360 Cross-Cultural Management and Corporate Culture
POS 401 Topics in Politics: The Social Brain
PSY 301 Psychology Capstone Project
PSY 306 Special Topics in Psychology
PSY 401 Senior Psychology Research Project
PSY 402 Advanced Special Topics in Psychology

Much like the Literature and the Self-Designed programs, the  major in Psychology will start as a secondary major. This means it will only be covered by AUBG's U.S. accreditation and result in an American diploma. 

The Psychology major and minor will help students better understand the behavior of other people and will give them the critical thinking skills needed in their professional career after graduation.

The event finished with some demonstrations and entertaining games which illustrated the vital psychological factors in a fun way.

Story by Zhaklin Dib

Photos by Xenia Cotlearova

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