NuBoyana Film Studios Looks for Fresh Talent on Campus

November 14, 2017

NuBoyana Film Studios, the company behind blockbusters like “The Hitman’s Bodyguard,” “London Has Fallen” and “The Expendables” sequels, is growing and so is its team. The company was on campus on Nov. 8 to talk about their past and present projects, and find fresh talent among AUBG students.

The company offers many educational initiatives through its FilmForge brand. Those include master classes, trainings and, of course, internships. They are designed to train future professionals for all steps of movie creation – from screenwriting to post-production.

Ivaylo Grancharov from NuBoyana Film Studios speaks in front of the AUBG community

 “It’s not apparent from the movies, but we need more than just actors and directors in movie production. Currently, there are more than 60 professions that we deal with, in order to create a good production,” Ivaylo Grancharov, head of FilmForge, said.

The internship positions NuBoyana offers last three months with steady working hours from nine to six, Monday to Friday. Interns will get 500 BGN for the first month and 750 BGN for the two remaining months, because of the increased workload. Whether it is lighting, camera, sound, wardrobe and make up, script evaluation or others, interns will be able to experience all departments and stick to a specific one if they prefer.

“This is the first university we are visiting to talk about the internships. And that’s because we know the American University, and specifically the liberal arts system can prepare students and have them meet our needs,” said Alexander Yanev, currently in charge of the internship program at the studio.

Alexander Yanev talks about internships at NuBoyana

J.R. Esposito, an actor of 15 years and acting coach at FilmForge, presented the American accent classes he teaches to Bulgarian and foreign students. He believes many local actors have potential for Hollywood roles, but the Slavic accent can prove to be a hindrance for their success.

“The Slavic languages have a different musicality and rhythm than the English language and I am trying to show that to my students,” he said.

Although the film studio in Boyana has been around for decades, it was in 2006 when it was acquired by the American-based company NuImage that it started working on most of its projects. Currently NuBoyana operates three different companies – WWFX takes care of creating visual and special effects for movies, while B2Y produces commercials and music videos for the Bulgarian market. Boyana Events, on the other hand, organizes events using many of the glamorous sets in the studio for big conferences and happenings.

Internships start in the beginning of March, and participants can send their CV and motivation letter to Acting classes (15 weeks) and American accents classes (eight weeks) are also available through the FilmForge academy. 

Story by Nadezhda Yankulska

Photos by Bojan Mircheski

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