“First Americans in Bulgaria” Conference Celebrates the Bond between America and Bulgaria

April 06, 2017

The “First Americans in Bulgaria” conference in Memoriam Yvonne and Dimi Panitza was held in Panitza Library on April 1. The event was full of emotional moments and powerful speeches given by professors that knew Dimi Panitza.

The conference was divided in two panels and professor Evelina Kelbecheva was its moderator. The acting AUBG president Steve Sullivan started the event with a few opening remarks.

The topics discussed included: “The First Channel of Intercultural Communication between America and Bulgaria: The Activities of American Missionaries, 1850’s to 1940’s”, “U.S. Soft power and impact on Bulgaria since 1945” and others.

Associate professor Rayna Zaharieva of Sofia University, professor Roumen Genov of New Bulgarian University and professor Mark Baskin of the American University in Kosovo were the speakers at the conference.

Dr. Angela Rodel shared ideas about the American discovery of Bulgaria via folklore. At the end of the conference, Rodel sang a Pirin region folk song and accompanied it with a traditional tambura.

Story and photos by Greta Talmaci

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