Embracing Nature

April 27, 2007

PTPI at AUBG launches its first environmental project


Breathing is such a natural process that we hardly even notice it. Especially at the end of the semester, before the final exams. The good thing about breathing and nature is that they don’t have breaks even when the AUBG academic calendar gets tense.


The first environmental project of the PTPI’s AUBG Chapter turned to our basic need to Breathe and used this slogan to draw the attention of the AUBG community to issues of immediate importance.


The “green” project started earlier this semester when Political Science Professor Maria Tzankova shared her idea to organize a tree planting campaign with the club’s president senior student Rauf Zeynalov. She proposed to introduce the popular carbon emissions offsetting model among the AUBG students, faculty and staff who travel by airplanes and contribute to atmosphere pollution and global warming. The idea was well accepted by several environmentally aware students, professors and staff members that helped her develop and popularize the initiative.  

After brainstorming in Prof. Tzankova’s office and meeting with Blagoevgrad deputy mayor Georgi Milev and the ecological department in the municipality, the parameters of the project were defined and the tree planting campaign was scheduled for October (since trees are planted in early spring or late autumn). 

However, the campaign did have its successful start with the “Green Hug” event that tried to take people away from their studies or work for a couple of hours. Despite the tempting idleness of a hectic week’s Saturday, on 21 April a group of about 15 AUBG students and professors took the road to the nearby park Bachinovo to walk, hug trees, and feel the throbbing nature or just take a rest from everything else. 


The next event within the project – the paper waste collection campaign, will take place during this semester’s finals week in the AUBG’s Main Building and residence halls. A month ahead of Blagoevgrad municipality’s separate waste collection initiative, the University students, faculty and staff will have a chance to separate their paper waste and have it all recycled. Special notes will designate the waste paper bins.


The project will continue through the Fall 2007 semester. A website will be developed on which all will be able to calculate the volume of gas emissions they produce and the number of trees they will have to buy and plant in order to reduce their carbon footprint.


AUBG-ers will be able to take responsibility for the effects they have on the environment by paying 5-8 leva for a tree.

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