Eftim Eftimov (BA ’08; EMBA ‘18): AUBG is the Top Educational Institution in the Region

Eftim Eftimov is one of the two winners of the EMBA competition organized jointly by American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) and the national television channel Bulgaria on Air.

Eftimov, who graduated from the AUBG undergraduate program in 2008, is a real estate entrepreneur. Besides his experience in the sector, he also possesses a strong background in banking and investment advisory. Eftimov also served as treasurer to the AUBG Alumni Association.

Eftimov won a EUR 6,000 scholarship that covers half of the tuition fee for the AUBG EMBA program in Sofia. Here is what he shared about the decision to apply to the program and take part in the competition.

What motivated you to participate in the competition and to pursue an EMBA degree at AUBG in particular?

I have a lot of friends who have graduated the program and all of them have been extremely happy with the experience they’ve had. In addition, AUBG is the top educational institution in the region, where I also had the chance to complete my bachelor’s, so to me it was a simple decision.

Please elaborate on your competition entry and tell us how it was a landmark experience for you.

It was great that the university and Bulgaria on Air provided the prospect for a scholarship, and to me it was an excellent opportunity to finance my personal development. I am sure the competition has been tough, as such is the profile of the prospect EMBA student. So, to be among the two who were granted the award is a great honor and something I am proud of.

What are your expectations from the EMBA program?

It was my general expectation to be surrounded by top professionals during the studies and the first few days of classes have shown exactly that.

In addition, I am expecting exhausting, yet very fulfilling 16 months, where I can meet new friends and enhance my leadership and broader business management skills. I will be particularly interested in the way of teaching at the program, as I have an interest in practicing this in the future.

What would you like to say to other professionals who are considering pursuing an EMBA degree?

Enrolling in an MBA program is a big decision for every professional, as it is a commitment of your most precious resource – spare time. Yet, it is also an amazing opportunity to collaborate with like-minded people and benefit from their business experience. I am now very happy that I made the step to begin the program and promise to deliver an update when its done!

Interview by Despina Koleva-Hristova

Photo by Sofia Volkhonskaya

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