Digital Storytelling Students Present Their Work at Blagoevgrad Museum

December 12, 2018

AUBG students’ photo exhibition “Faces of the City” offered a glimpse into the eyes—and souls—of people from Blagoevgrad at the city’s Regional History Museum Dec.11. The event was the final project of fall 2018 Digital Storytelling class taught by JMC Professor Laura Kelly.  

“One thing that we all have in common is that right now we are all living in Blagoevgrad,” Kelly said at the opening of the exhibition that had gathered AUBG community members and locals of Blagoevgrad alike. “Some of you are born here and have lived here much longer, some of you have come to study or to teach, but we all have the city in common for a while.”

And it looks like the city has a lot to offer when it comes to interesting people.  Getting them to agree to have their picture taken, however, did not always prove an easy task. 

“It turned out that it takes a lot of courage to approach somebody and to ask them to take a picture of their face,” said Tsvetana Haydushka, AUBG junior and one of the students in the class. “But following a few rejections and a few people agreeing, it turned out that it is an amazing opportunity to meet somebody, to learn something new and at the same time catch that specific sparkle that you are looking for.”

The “Faces of the City” exhibition was not the only project of the Digital Storytelling class that aimed to bring the AUBG community closer to the city residents. The students also did a series of interviews with some of the city’s elders and shot videos of people working in the city.

“We wanted to get to know the locals better and catch the stories of Blagoevgrad,” Haydushka said.

The photo exhibition happened with the support of the municipality and the Regional History Museum of Blagoevgrad.  “You may be seeing more student work on the Facebook page of the museum,” Kelly said.

Story by Dimana Doneva
Photos by Asset Janabekov

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