AUBG to Host Master Class on Data Science and Machine Learning

February 12, 2018

The massive increase in the velocity and volume of global communications from the past couple of decades has turned data into one of the world’s most important resources. Big data in particular, a term used to describe sets of data so large, disparate and proliferating that traditional data processing applications aren’t able to handle them, could be seen as the lifeblood of global capitalism.

The emergence of big data has consequently created a need for skilled professionals who can mine and interpret the required data sets to help businesses make better strategic decisions. Due to the economic significance of this new resource and the fact that more and more companies and institutions are unlocking its power, the value of a data scientist has increased immensely.

In line with this global trend, the American University in Bulgaria will offer a two-day Data Science Master Class at the Elieff Center in Sofia. This comprehensive training course is designed to give insights into what big data, data science and machine learning can do for an individual’s competitive advantage.

The keynote speaker for the course will be Severino Meregalli, SDA Professor of Information Systems at SDA Bocconi School of Management. Meregalli, also the Scientific Director of the DEVO Lab and Director of the MDA Academy, is the author of several books on the subject of Information Systems. His works have been published in “Economia & Management” and “Finanza Marketing e Produzione,” and he has conducted research and training projects for various significant multinational companies. .

His research activities focus on IS governance, ERP, monetary measures of IS (cost and value), digital transformation and digital impact. Prof. Meregalli is actively working on deepening different issues such as information systems, the distribution and pathways of adoption of IS governance tools in companies, and the impact of digital technologies on companies within DEVO Lab.

Prof. Meregalli will speak on the class’ first day which is designed for business people with an interest in or working knowledge of the field. The second day is designated for IT professionals with an interest in getting a hands-on experience with the technology.

The master class is possible thanks to the partnership between the SDA Bocconi and AUBG Joint Venture ProgramOpremedia,  Telelink and Data Science Society

Story by Nikol Meshkova

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