AUBG Hosts the Largest Mathematical Olympiad for University Students for the Tenth Time

August 07, 2017

AUBG is hosting the world’s biggest mathematical competition for university students. Over 400 bright minds in the field of mathematics worldwide took part in the event. The competition organized by University College London in cooperation with AUBG will take place between July 31 – August 6.

More than 150 universities have sent their representatives to participate in the event. The university students come from 34 countries, including USA, France, Germany, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Morocco, India, Pakistan and others.

The competition will take place in two rounds and involves more than 100 prizes for the most successful participants. Some of the prize sponsors include Wolfram Research, Springer, Aim Tech, Maple Soft, World Quant, Princeton University Press и Jane Street. “The problems are from the areas of algebra, analysis, geometry and combinatorics,” said Hrisina Jane, one of the event’s organizers.

Story by Despina Koleva-Hristova

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