America for Bulgaria Foundation Donates $2 Million to AUBG

March 31, 2017

America for Bulgaria Foundation (ABF), one of AUBG’s most generous donors and supporters, has donated $2 million to the university. The money will be used for scholarships over the next four years.

Ever since it was established in 2009, ABF remains one of the greatest AUBG supporters. The foundation has empowered generations of AUBG students - thanks to ABF more than 350 students have received support in obtaining high-quality education at AUBG through the generous funding exceeding $14 million. The available scholarships financed by ABF are the America for Bulgaria Distinguished Scholarship, Borgatti Scholarship and the Roma Scholarship. “The America for Bulgaria full scholarship made the impossible possible for me,” said AUBG alumnus Spartak Sofiykov (’14).

However, ABF’s support has a much larger scope. In 2012 The America for Bulgaria Student Center opened on campus. It was build with the generous help of ABF, who donated $8 million to the project and made possible the construction of the state-of-the-art structure that was awarded “Building of the Year” in 2013.

With the strong support of ABF AUBG is continuing to educate young people and contributing to the development of the region. Among the latest ABF contributions to AUBG is the support for the AUBG Long-Term Sustainability Strategy and Organizational Study Project.

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