AADF Scholar Euxhen Hasanaj ('19): AUBG Is One of the Best Experiences in My Life

AUBG sophomore and Albanian-American Development Foundation (AADF) scholar Euxhen Hasanaj from Tirana, Albania has plenty of passions. He is into computer science and mathematics, which he has chosen as his majors. “I get involved in other things such as arts,” Hasanaj said, adding that he has been painting for 14 years. He’s also participated in competitions for painting, computer science, chemistry and physics.

Unlike other universities, Hasanaj explained, AUBG provides him with the opportunity to pursue his interests in both science and arts. “The thing about AUBG is that it allows me to do both of these,” he said.

A friend told Hasanaj about the university and, although he was skeptical at first, AUBG’s excellent reputation finally convinced him that coming to Blagoevgrad was the right choice. “I am [a] sophomore now – first semester – and I can say it’s one of the best experiences in my life so far.”

Combined with money he earns working in the U.S. during the summer, the AADF scholarship allows Hasanaj to finance his education without his family’s help. “It feels really good being able to cover everything on your own,” he said.

Hasanaj has Albanian friends who are gifted and dedicated to learning but unable to attend AUBG due to financial constraints. “I think it’s really a waste of potential,” he said, explaining that money was the only issue that prevented them from enrolling. He would like to see more scholarships going to talented young people from Albania. “There are many great talents; many great minds out there,” he said.

Story by Despina Koleva-Hristova

Photos by Sofia Volkhonskaya

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