Faculty Package Of Services

A. Faculty Standard Package of services provided by OCC contains:

A.1. Hardware

Desktop/Laptop - x86_64 architecture. Minimal configuration:

  • Processor - Intel Core 2 DUO; 
  • RAM - 2GB;
  • HDD - 160GB; 
  • USB ports; 
  • Network card; 
  • Mouse; 
  • Keyboard.
A.2. Software
  • OS - Windows 7 Enterprise; 
  • MS Office 2010 Professional;
  • Antivirus software (English version);
  • Adobe Reader;
  • PDF Creator;
  • DVD/CD Burning software;
  • 7Zip archiving program;
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Browser plug-ins : Adobe Flash Player,
  • Multimedia players:
    •  Media Player Classic - Home Cinema;
    • VLC;
    • Windows Media Player. 
A.3. Network services
  • General domain user account without administrative privileges;
  • Group membership - faculty, all users;
  • E-mail - limited number of recipients; size of single e-mail - 20 MB after MIME encoding;
  • Network home folder - limited space;
  • Personal WEB space - limited space; 
  • Network printing - 1 color laser, 1 black/white laser (all printed pages are counted);
  • Scanning - dedicated machine in Faculty office. 

* Please be informed that AUBG mail is subject of Anti Spam filtering. 

A.4. Technology used for instruction: 

Application software: https://elearn.aubg.bg/

MM Racks: http://www.aubg.edu/multimedia-racks

A.5. Other services provided by OCC

MM Rack Training provided by OCC - beginning of each semester   


B. Faculty Extended Package of services provided by OCC contains: 

B.1. Hardware (not subject of B.3 and B.4)

OCC supports installation and setup of any type of hardware for personal use (like printer, scanner, external disks etc.), ONLY if it is for academic use and is university property. OCC provides limited support in cases when private equipments is to be installed/connected to university-owned computers. 

B.2. Software (not subject of B.3 and B.4) 

Faculty members may also request installation of software from the list of available software for academic use. Our ability to fulfill these requests is limited by the number of available licenses. See link: http://www.aubg.edu/available-software

OCC does not recommend installation of demo, trial, shareware or free software. Requests for installation of such software packs requires written approval from the Dean of Faculty and inspection of license agreement for this product by OCC. In that case OCC provides limited support and takes no responsibility for possible computer system malfunction or data lost. 

B.3. Faculty Laptop Program click here  
B.4. Self-administered AUBG computer click here  
B.5. Additional network services

OCC may provide an additional connection socket for personal laptop/PC only after the owner fills in the Application form and declares the computer’s MAC address. In some areas due to luck of technical resources this may not be possible.

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