Rolling Admissions

Rolling Admissions Continues

The rolling admissions policy at AUBG means that you can apply throughout the summer and start at AUBG in September or throughout fall and start in January.

Get in touch with our counselors for a quick question or to smooth out your application process. Apply now.

AUBG is a unique university where talented students from diverse backgrounds come to benefit from a world-class American liberal arts education.

At AUBG you can choose among 11 major and 18 minor programs. The average class size of 25 students ensures that you receive lots of individual attention and close personal mentorship from our world-class certified faculty.

You will not only learn from the wealth of knowledge in the classroom, but also from the cultural diversity on campus – AUBG is home to students of over 40 nationalities! If that is still not enough, you can experience more cultures by going on an exchange program and choosing among 300 American and 50 European universities.

As a student, you are among our planet’s most valuable assets: that’s why AUBG provides an extraordinary $5 million annual financial assistance fund. If you have courage, academic potential, a thirst for knowledge and a burning desire to succeed and make a difference, we’ll do everything we can to make sure that a place at AUBG is within your financial means. In fact, almost 74% of our students receive some financial aid, so you won’t be alone. Learn more about ways to finance your education.

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